Music Biz Headlines: May 03, 2017

PRS celebrates record financials in 2016

The PRO, representing the rights of 125,500 UK music creators and 2M worldwide, achieved record financial results in 2016. Royalties paid out to its members (songwriters, composers and music publishers) for the public use of their musical works exceeded half a billion pounds for the first time in UK music history, reaching an all-time high of £527.6m, up 11.1% (£52.5m) year-on-year -- mi2n

Stream-ripping becoming a big piracy issue

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) released its annual Special 301 Report on promoting strong intellectual property rights (IPR) protection and enforcement in foreign countries. In its report, USTR highlights several priorities of the music community - such as strong copyright laws that promote streaming, which now comprises more than half of the music industry's revenues - as well as the key challenges, including sustained and effective enforcement actions to combat stream ripping, which has emerged as a significant and fast-growing form of online music piracy — mi2n

Fyre Festival sends founders’ business plans up in smoke

Festival’s organization was so shoddy that it’s a wonder that the founders got as far as they did with the Bahamas event.

Here’s a fact that stands out: in planning for the festival, organizers realized that having an ambulance on hand might be a good idea.

So they drove one, all the way from New York to Florida and then transported it by boat from Miami.

Where were the accountants? And, isn’t there a film script in here somewhere? If only John Candy were alive — Jennifer Wells, The Star

Hipgnosis in redux

A new book, Vinyl . Album . Cover . Art: The Complete Hipgnosis Catalogue – due out May 16th – will celebrate the company's 50th anniversary.

It collects the 373 sleeves Powell, Thorgerson and their compatriots made together between '67 and 1982 with commentary by Powell and Thorgerson, among others, and a foreword by Peter Gabriel — Rolling Stone

Ben Rayner's fond farewell to The Silver Dollar

Talent booker Dan Burke made the Spadina Avenue music haunt something special. The final farewell on Sunday night was something special "at one of Toronto’s last original grotty rock-’n’-roll holes" — The Star

Interview with Kittitian-Canadian music visionary Ivan Berry

When I started there was no Rap City on MuchMusic, there were no radio stations like Flow or The Beat in Vancouver. There were college and university radio stations like CKLN, CIUT and CHRY that supported hip-hop and that was it — Times Caribbean

Apple goes Hollywood: Inside Jimmy Iovine's music video plan

“A music service needs to be more than a bunch of songs and a few playlists,” says the Apple Music chief. “I’m trying to help Apple Music be an overall movement in popular culture, everything from unsigned bands to video" — Bloomberg

How to master your music metadata

Tired of seeing “unknown track” by “unnamed artist” on your favourite music player?

Here's how to automatically identify, tag, and properly rename all your mystery tracks and albums to whip your music library into shape — Terry Walsh, Tech Hive

Is retro music digital marketing's hot new item?

Digital might be relatively "new" as a marketing channel, but the latest news signals that old pop cultural touchstones and formats are still as resonant as ever with audiences — David Kirkpatrick, Marketing Dive

The Singer-Songwriter-Storyteller: Jim Croce

Because of his apparent inability to express himself in avenues other than music, we as music listeners are privy to the hard-fought rise and bittersweet fall of an Italian kid with a big grin and a golden voice.

Jim Croce’s greatest story of all was the story of his own life, and thank god he had the tools to tell it — Andrew Hatch, Heavy Blog

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