The Velveteins
The Velveteins

The Velveteins: Midnight Surf

The Velveteins - "Midnight Surf" (Fierce Panda): This is the second single from Slow Wave, the debut full-length coming on May 12.

It is a dreamy yet dynamic cut that validates the attention the Edmonton-based rockers have been receiving of late.

From a sedate beginning, it picks up in intensity, using massed backing vocals and the crisp production of Colin Stewart (Dan Mangan, Black Mountain) to fine effect.

The track is neatly complemented by the low-key video clip. The band explains that “we wanted to capture the essence of the song, which is quite dreamy and cosmic – so we got my Volkswagen Bus and rolled around the city streets at night. That in itself is quite a trip. The theme of the video plays off of the deepest form of sleep, which is called Slow Wave sleep. Traveling through the night in a dream, to reach the other side.”

It’s not easy to pin the sound of The Velveteins down stylistically, as it features elements of garage, surf, and classic rock with a ‘70s vibe.

Reportedly a bundle of energy live, they recently impressed at CMW and theyll close out a North American tour with shows at The Buckingham in Edmonton (May 5), The Palomino in Calgary (May 6) and the Upstream Music Festival in Seattle (May 11).

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