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Cadence Weapon

Cadence Weapon: My Crew (Woooo)

Cadence Weapon - "My Crew (Woooo)" (eOne): It has been a while since we’ve heard from much-acclaimed Canadian rapper Cadence Weapon (aka Roland “Rollie” Pemberton), so this cut is being termed a comeback.

Both the song and the just-unveiled video are thrilling, and we expect them to put Pemberton back in the front lines he occupied earlier via two Polaris Prize shortlisted albums.

“My Crew” is produced by man of the moment Kaytranada, and his beats form a strong foundation atop which Cadence Weapon lays down lines with his signature flow. The lyrics are based around his experiences living in Montreal, and include shout-outs to his pals. The nomadic and now Toronto-based rapper was raised in Edmonton, and he actually served as that city’s Poet Laureate for a couple of years.

The futuristic MuchFACT-backed video was directed by Kevin Calero. Pemberton explains that “when we first started working on this video, Kevin and I talked about bringing back the feeling we used to get watching those late ‘90s Hype Williams videos, particularly the Missy Elliott and Busta Rhymes ones.”

"The scenes where I’m being shot into space were done with the same equipment used in the film Arrival. I was strapped up to a harness that was about 12 feet in the air and shot back with a slingshot-like device at high speed by a very chill operator dude.”

It has been five years since the last CW album, Hope In Dirt City, so we’re hoping this cut is a teaser for a new record soon.

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