Music goes mobile and listenership skyrockets
Music goes mobile and listenership skyrockets

A Preview Of A New Nielsen Music Canada Survey

Music sales may be trending down but the inescapable conclusion emphasized in a new highlights report issued by Nielsen Music Canada is that Canadians are binging even more on music through an expanding panoply of online sites.

The review casts a wide net in providing insights into categories such as online and social media behaviour, music streaming usage, live event trends, and branded entertainment activations and is a summary document from an exhaustive study set for release in the coming weeks and running close to 100 pages with tables, graphs and visual identifiers.

This year’s study reflects several notable shifts in music adoption and usage:

  • 53% of Canadians listen to music on their smartphones in a typical week, a 19% increase from just a year ago

  • Canadians spend an average of 32 hours a week listening to music, up 8 hours from last year

  • People using streaming services listen to an average of 44 hours a week

  • 79% of Millennial Canadians are listening on their smartphones

  • 93% of Canadians listen to music, up from 89% last year

  • Listening on tablet devices has increased, and is up to 30% in the general population and 38% amongst Millennials

  • The doc theorises that the 4% rise in the number of Canadians listening to music, to 93%, “may be explained by the continuing shift towards mobile consumption. Over half the Canadian population are now listening to music using a smartphone in a typical week.”

Access more information on the Nielsen Music 360 Canada  highlights Report here

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