Music Biz Headlines: May 15, 2017

Warner and Indies pinched market share from Universal in 2016

Thanks to artists like Radiohead, the independents controlled the second biggest market share of all entities with 26.9%, while Warner took a share of 18.1% — MBW

Warner Music nears royalty deal with Spotify

Fresh off a pact to license music to YouTube, Warner Music boss Steve Cooper is turning his attention to music streamer Spotify — and a deal could be signed by June.

If inked, Daniel Ek’s Spotify would be on the way to its long-planned IPO — expected in the final quarter of 2017 — Claire Atkinson, New York Post

Co-worked claims L.A. Reid sexually harassed her

The influential head of Epic Records was ousted from the Sony Music label after a co-worker complained to the company about several instances of alleged sex harassment — NY Post

Vivendi splashes $2.5B on Havas bid

Advertising giant Havas is set to have a significant influence on the future of Universal Music Group — MBW

Tributes flow after 'Canada's music man' Gerry Lacoursiere passes away in Windsor

He may not have been a musician, but there’s no denying the mark Windsor’s Germain (Gerry) Lacoursiere left on Canadian music — Windsor Star

‘It’s two hit songs then off’ – artists fight festivals’ shorter sets

Insiders say ‘stack ’em high’ formula of packing as many bands in as possible is driving performers away — Tess Reidy, The Guardian UK

Toronto home of Eleanor McCain features top Canadian talents

Singer and heiress shows her passion for Canada in her house and in her new album: True North: A Canadian Songbook — Rita Zekas, The Star


There was a common enemy.

And Neil Young was Canadian. Talk to today’s Canadians, the electors of a snowboarding instructor, they’re completely flummoxed with what’s going on south of the border. And in the seventies, they sewed Canadian flags to their backpacks before they ventured overseas, so they wouldn’t be confused with their American brethren, responsible for Vietnam.

Yes, Vietnam united us. Our hatred for our country’s policies. Our fear that we’d die there. Truly palpable. A lot different from being executed in a video game – The Lefsetz Letter

Harry Styles review – ticking every box on the Take Me Seriously checklist

This post-One Direction debut is a mélange of musical homages that fails to reach the heights of Styles’ idols. But one thing it isn’t is dull — Alexis Petridis, The Guardian UK

Universal had its best Q1 in 15 years

If you’re wondering who’s making money off of streaming, you’ve found the answer.  Because not only is Universal Music Group cleaning up on platforms like Spotify, they’re now experiencing double-digit revenue growth as a result — Paul Resnikoff, Digital Music News

The global songwriter shell game revisited

It’s been five years since I first wrote “How Major Music Companies Are Getting Your Royalties: The Global Songwriter Shell Game.” The article reveals how hundreds of millions of dollars of songwriter’s and music publisher’s royalties generated outside of the United States are not being paid to them and/or are being re-channeled into the pockets of larger music companies.

It’s half a decade later and I thought it might be of value to see how things have changed (spoiler alert: it’s not good) — Jeff Price, Hypebot

Split sheets: How to collect your music publishing royalties

A split sheet establishes in writing who owns what percentage of the composition, or the publishing rights. Publishing splits can be negotiated as a cowriter, producer, band member —Jason Cerf, Songtrust

Music publishing glossary

An alphabetical rundown of common and less so terms without the legalise. This is one doc you want to bookmark and/or print — Songtrust

What makes music ‘licensable?’

As you begin diving into the realm of sync licensing, you might hear that some songs are more “licensable,” or licensing-friendly, than others.  Some songs fit seamlessly into films, commercials and the like, and though they may not be by a well-known mainstream artist, they definitely have a certain je ne sais quoi and commercial appeal that helps them appeal to mainstream audiences — Music Clout

The Revolution’s Lisa Coleman talks Prince’s legacy

"He should be considered a gay icon even though he was not gay – he was androgynous and he was sexual and he was alive" -- Kevin Richie, NOW

The 20 hottest music startups of 2017

Who will be the next SoundCloud, The Echo Nest, Kickstarter or Next Big Sound? — Music Ally

Moondog: The vagabond who became a counterculture icon

NYC's most distinct underground figure is the stuff of urban legend: a blind homeless composer, dressed as a Viking, who influenced a wave of seminal artists. Now a film is finally bringing his story to light — Daniel Dylan Wray, Huck

9 steps to securing a brand sponsorship as a musician

Begin with a budget. To speak intelligently about your project, know what you need and what you need it for — Billy Jones, Music Think Tank

Coca Cola and music: A case study

Coca-Cola is taking giant steps in developing countries to harness the loyalty of teenagers to its brand — Ashley Cook, MBJ

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