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Media Beat: May 19, 2017


Trump hits ‘go’ on NAFTA negotiations

The Trump administration wants to see new provisions to address a basket of sovereign areas that include intellectual property rights, regulatory practices, state-owned enterprises, services, customs procedures — NPR

What to know about NAFTA’s key issues as formal process set to start

Big data, booze, labour laws, currencies—are all part of the equation possible in the new round of talks, as too telecommunications and broadcasting. Canada fought for cultural industries to be exempted from its US trade deals — meaning books, recordings, broadcasts are not subject to free trade. Culture was a significant irritant in original negotiations; it hasn’t come up in recent complaints from the U.S. administration. One thing the U.S. could seek is greater access to telecommunications, like cellphone services, according to a draft list of priorities recently sent to Congress — The Star

Telecoms should unlock FM radio on smartphones

Toronto Mayor John Tory's executive committee is expected to consider a motion calling on the city to ask telecom companies to activate the FM radio chip inside Android smartphones — CBC News

Rock 'n' Radio: When DJs and Rock Music Ruled the Airwaves

Ian Howarth has a passion for both. Growing up in Montreal, arguably the most unique radio and music market on the planet, he glories in the tales of those homegrown stars and the local legends of the airwaves on the English-speaking side – Doug Pringle, Dave Boxer, Buddy Gee, Ralph Lockwood and Marc Denis, to name but a few – who gave the city its buzz and a soundtrack during the halcyon years of rock ‘n’ roll — Martin Melhuish in a review of the book

J.P. Blais to the Arctic Broadband Panel Forum

In December 2016, the CRTC issued a policy stating that all Canadians, no matter where they live in the country, should have access to broadband Internet services.

In effect, the CRTC sees broadband Internet as essential for all Canadians – including, of course, Canadians who live in Arctic communities.

Modern telecommunications services are fundamental to Canada’s future economic prosperity, global competitiveness, social development, and democratic discourse.

Fixed and mobile wireless broadband Internet access services are catalysts for innovation. These technologies underpin a vibrant, creative, interactive world that connects Canadians across vast distances and with the rest of the world.

That’s why the CRTC decided that broadband is a basic telecommunications service for all Canadians and established a new universal service objective.

And it’s why we are establishing a funding regime to support projects in areas, such as remote and northern communities, where broadband Internet service is not comparable to urban areas.

The fund will provide up to $750 million in the first 5 years.

The objectives of this policy are that — continue reading

Spotify acquires machine learning startup Niland

The French startup describes itself as “a music technology company that provides music search & discovery engines based on deep learning & machine listening algorithms.” — Forbes

Spotify pinching toes of mighty BBC Radio One

Spotify now comfortably boasts more than 9.1M active users in the UK market, a comparable number to the Beeb service — MBW

Podcasting Summit

Sadly, the event is America-centric because there are some strong brands emerging in Canada. Things being as they are, the long-form audio competitor to mainstream radio is on the rise, especially among millennials and female audiences. Podcast Movement puts the format in the cross-hair at Anaheim Marriott in California, Aug. 23—25.

Pandora in talks with SiriusXM

Liberty Media-backed SiriusXM is in active discussions about making a bid for internet radio company Pandora.

The New York satellite radio company, which has exhibited on-and-off interest in the struggling streamer, has recently restarted talks with Pandora’s banks and is discussing the size of a potential offer — New York Post

Nobex adds connected car support

The metadata backbone firm announced that its apps are now compatible with the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay vehicle entertainment systems. The company specializes in building mobile apps for radio stations — RAIN News

Triton Digital partners with Omny Studios as reseller in Canada, US

This arrangement will offer a plug-and-play audio management solution for creating, monetizing, and analyzing podcast content. Omny uses Triton’s TAP Podcast tool for dynamically inserting ads into a podcast — RAIN News

RIP: Former Fox chief Roger Ailes

The bombastic and controversial founder and CEO of Fox News, who mastered the art of selling political candidates like Hollywood celebrities and was the architect of conservative-oriented TV news, died Thursday at 77. He was the long-time chairman and chief executive of the Fox News Channel, building it over two decades into a politically influential juggernaut until his abrupt ouster last year amid sexual harassment allegations — The Washington Post

In Passing

— Q107 celebrates its 40th-anniversary fan event at the Phoenix Concert Theatre on June 2. The history of… can be viewed here

CHAY FM Barrie, rebranded 93.1 Fresh Radio in May 2015, celebrates its 40th anniversary on May 21.

The station was initially broadcast from a 1,000-foot tower just south of Barrie that it had shared with local television station CKVR-TV. On Sept. 27 of that year, a small plane crashed into the tower, destroying the building and killing everyone on board. Toronto station CHIN-FM assisted CHAY in temporarily restoring its signal until the tower was replaced one year later.

Broadcast Dialogue has a podcast interview with Corus Sr. PD Larry Gifford

— Montreal media maven, Steve Faguy’s latest Media News Digest is now online


Andy Michaelson, a former Vancouver broadcaster died May 10th in the Edmonton suburb of St. Albert.  He began a career as a radio announcer and reporter at CHED Edmonton, followed by CKYL Peace River, CJCA Edmonton, and CISL, CKNW and CJOR in Vancouver, where he was on-air as Andy Michaels during the 1970s, then was a communications professional and consultant in Vancouver and Edmonton.  Finally, he found his calling as a writer and poet in St. Albert. 


Worth Noting

Jessica Lessin built a business to prove information doesn’t have to be free

News publishers can and should charge for news, says Jessica Lessin, CEO of The Information, on the latest episode of Recode Media with Peter Kafka. “People will pay for things that are valuable to them,” says Lessin, whose subscription site charges $400 a year for deeply reported tech and business news — Eric Johnson, Recode

The impact of Classic Rock on pop culture

When a format is devoid of new music, what’s the gauge that determines its “hotness?”  As the front man for the format and as someone who has closely tracked Classic Rock (and its offshoots) for more than three decades, I have a few unorthodox indicators that usually prove to be pretty accurate — Fred Jacobs

Live podcast shows to attend this summer (and beyond)

With live tour dates in many major US cities, podcasters are becoming rock stars. Here’s a sampling of some of our favorites who are hitting the road — Entertainment

Purged: CBC fires The National producer for ‘thought crime’

“Cultural Appropriation” hysteria leads to another attack on free speech — Spencer Fernando, NordVPN

Appropriation is a medium of oppression

Appropriation. It’s the word of the moment following a big blow-up over a little-read editorial in a little-known magazine that called for an “Appropriation Prize” — Shree Padkar, The Star

Why traditional media is failing at earning digital revenue

The new Borrell study gives four reasons why radio, TV, and print can not keep up with the Facebooks, Googles, and Yahoos of the world. For example, in 2016 Gannett's digital dropped 7% and Yellow Pages digital was down 20%, while Facebook grew 62%. Here are the 4 reasons traditional media is being beaten to a bloody pulp at digital, according to Borrell — Radio Ink

How Roger Ailes built the Fox News fear factory

The onetime Nixon operative has created the most profitable propaganda machine in history. Inside America's Unfair and Imbalanced Network — Rolling Stone

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