Music Biz Headlines: May 19, 2017

Pemberton Festival files for bankruptcy

Documents show the festival owes US$2.5M to its creditors. Festival directors determined they were unable to meet the festival’s financial obligations as a result of decreased ticket sales and increased operating losses. Ticket holders are likely left holding the bag — Global News

Bell Canada ignored hacker’s demand for ransom — then the private data of 1.9M customers was breached

The hacker warned that more information would be made public if Bell did not “cooperate” — Financial Post

Foggy future for Canadian music videos as MuchFact funding up in the air

Bell Media has wiggled out of a CRTC requirement to fund program, but hasn't cancelled it… yet — CBC

RBC, Live Nation partner as fest and concert season comes into bloom

Concert essentials such as beach towels, t-shirts, sunglasses, and mobile charging stations part of the package — CNW

New Canadian global music orchestra has record and touring plans

More than 100 Canadians hailing from 47 countries applied to be in the orchestra, from which 12 members have been chosen after three rounds of auditions — Broadway World

BPI annual yearbook charts that show the current state of the music industry

We dug into the BPI's annual yearbook to find the 17 most interesting charts that explain how the music industry is changing — Music Business Insider

Apple’s exec calls for restrictions on free music streaming

Jimmy Iovine didn't say how the industry could, or perhaps, should, restrict free services. He did, however, say that it's incumbent upon paid providers to improve and ultimately create more attractive and well-rounded services that customers will want to use — Fortune

Music schools to sue Japan’s largest copyright collection group over plan to collect fees

School operators argue that performances during classes should not require consent from a composer under the copyright law — The Japan Times

FCC to begin net neutrality repeal

At the moment, the battle over network neutrality is not to eliminate the telephone and cable companies. We are not at that point yet. But, the ultimate goal is to get rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control — Breitbart

Washington insiders cautiously optimistic about Trump Admin’s copyright policies

Not much is known about President Donald Trump’s views of the Byzantine world of copyright law, music royalties and the rights of songwriters and creatives… but there are positive signs in the tea leaves —Variety

Hear me out: Let’s elect an AI President

Given some of the recent occupants of the White House, many might consider it an upgrade. After all, humans are prone to making decisions based on ego, anger, and the need for self-aggrandizement, not the common good — Wired

We live in the world that Roger Ailes broke

Ailes leaves behind one of the largest legacies of any media figure of the past century: He made our country nastier, stupider, cruder, and more bigoted. Even as the memory of Ailes the man fades, we will always be able to look back at what he built — Isaac Chotiner, The Slatest

Russia's US social media hacking: Inside the Information War

Like many a good spy tale, the story of how the U.S. learned its democracy could be hacked started with loose lips — Time

The Beatles first take of ‘Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds’

What you hear on this first attempt is a version lacking the vocals from that famous chorus; John is singing lead and Paul McCartney is at a Lowrey organ, combining numerous presets, including harpsichord, vibraharp and music box, to make that infamous opening sound — NPR

Watch Chuck Berry's first-ever music video 'Big Boys'

'Chuck's song soundtracks a Fifties sock hop with hip-hop flair in the rock legend's first official video — Rolling Stone

This tiny record label is pressing the weirdest stuff into its vinyl

While we’ve seen everything from asteroid dust to human blood pressed into the humble "12″, Romanus Records is taking this dubious art to the next level. So far, stand-out editions include Texan rock’n’roll duo Ghost Wolves’ In Ya Neck v2, on “dangerous vinyl”, filled with razor blades and free floating gunpowder, their limited edition brewery grain-filled vinyl and, apparently one filled with tiny dinosaur bones — VF Magazine

Miriam Linna’s Norton Records: A label pressing the past

Among collectors that Norton Records reflexively targeted, the label became a beacon of musical scholarship and excellence, renowned for releasing and reissuing rare recordings by both acclaimed, and often commercially overlooked rock ‘n’ roll, soul, rockabilly, country, and garage rock artists — In the Hot Seat with Larry LeBlanc, CelebrityAccess

‘We felt like we could do anything’: Angelo Badalamenti and Julee Cruise on the music of Twin Peaks

The composer and singer recall working with David Lynch on ‘the most influential soundtrack in TV history’ — Andrew Harrison, The Guardian

Meat Loaf goes to bat for new musical

Singer talks up Bruno Mars while in process of talking up Bat Out of the Hell, the stage musical based on the rocker’s famous album — Toronto Star


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