Summer season concert countdown
Summer season concert countdown

StubHub’s 'What’s Hot' Tour Compendium

Breaking down the hottest of the hot in festival high-season.

Online ticket exchange company StubHub has released its third-annual preview of the Canadian summer concert landscape, breaking down the most in-demand touring acts of summer 2017.

Ed Sheeran ranked as the top selling act of 2017 in Canada. The Weeknd is the only Canadian artist to crack the Top 10, only one year after the top three spots were occupied by Canadians.

Rock acts dominate the list and U2 has the highest selling show on StubHub this summer.

2017 Top Selling Acts
Based on total sales on StubHub for 2017 Canada dates from Victoria Day to Labour Day.

  1. Ed Sheeran

  2. Bruno Mars

  3. Red Hot Chili Peppers

  4. U2

  5. Tool

  6. Coldplay

  7. Metallica

  8. The Weeknd

  9. Lady Gaga

  10. Tim McGraw

By the Numbers: Breaking Down the Top 10 List

  • Ed Sheeran is the #1 act this summer. This is no surprise as Ed Sheeran was the 2nd most popular act in Canada after Taylor Swift when he toured for X in 2015.

  • #1 Ed Sheeran outsells #2 Bruno Mars by 42%, even with one less show in the summer months.

  • Rock acts dominate the list with top tours from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, Tool, Coldplay, and Metallica.

  • After kicking off their tour in celebration of the 30th anniversary of The Joshua Tree in Vancouver on May 12th, U2 makes the list with just their one show at Rogers Centre in Toronto on June 23rd - which is the most in-demand concert this summer.

  • You can catch almost all the acts in Toronto, except for Tim McGraw, this summer.

  • Canadians have the most chances to see Bruno Mars, as he has the most shows in Canada this summer (10) followed by Ed Sheeran (9).

  • On a per show basis, U2 dominates the list with their Toronto show; They currently outsell the next highest performer, Justin Bieber by 288% and Ed Sheeran by 308%.

Music festivals continue to be a way for an increasing number of fans to see a multitude of acts between independent headlining tours or acts that have limited or no-shows in Canada. To predict the top selling festivals of the summer, the firm took a look at the most in-demand Canadian summer music festivals based on ticket sales in 2016:

  1. Osheaga Music and Arts Festival (August 4-6 in Montreal) – One of StubHub's fastest growing international festivals since 2014 and has consistently been in the top three Canadian music festivals listed on StubHub based on ticket sales (#1 in 2016, #2 in 2015, #3 in 2014).

  2. Shambhala Music Festival (August 11-14 in Salmo, BC) – Currently, the most in-demand festival this summer based on sales as of 5/9.

  3. Pemberton (July 13-16 in Mount Currie, BC) – Another fast-growing Canadian festival that has gained popularity each year since its inception in 2014. The fourth most in-demand festival this summer based on sales as of 5/9 — now cancelled due to bankruptcy (see Music Biz Headlines)

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