Munroe: Oblivion

Munroe: "Oblivion" (Independent): Our first exposure to this Hamilton-raised, L.A.-based actor/singer/songwriter Kathleen Munroe came two years ago, with the release of a debut eponymous EP.  We were smitten by the singles “Bloodlet” and “Summer,” while a Dakota showcase also impressed.

News of a full-length album coming on June 16 is good news, and this title track ramps up already-high expectations.

It is quite simply stunning, with Munroe’s haunting and dramatic voice given evocative accompaniment by cello. Describing the lyrical content in a press release, she notes "I think there's something interesting about a kamikaze instinct; the way we get compelled to do things that are identifiably bad. I had this idea of someone pleading a case for their own damnation, listing all the bad things they'd done, bargaining with a void, and the image of that conversation is what I was playing with here.”

The purity of her vocals suggest the likes of English folk singers like Sandy Denny and Maddy Prior, yet there is a subtly contemporary feel to this. 

Michael Keire (co-producer), Benjamin Munoz, and Anthony Carone (Arkells) were all collaborators on the new eight-song album. 

Munroe is also known for her work as an actress on the Amazon original series Patriot as well as some feature length films which are set for release this year. There is sometimes a stigma attached to those juggling music and acting careers (especially if they are drop-dead gorgeous), but she is clearly the real deal in both sectors.

We're informed she will play shows to support the release, but they are tba.

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