Music Biz Headlines: May 26, 2017

Manchester bombing was senseless but joy of live music will win out

The power of live performances can help heal our spirits and community, so we can’t cower at home – Ben Rayner, Toronto Star

Drake has been on the Billboard Hot 100... for 8 years

The streak began on May 23, 2009, with "Best I Ever Had" and continued for 420 weeks, with a song by or featuring Drake making an appearance on the Hot 100 chart every single week. Drake's Young Money boss Lil Wayne has the second longest streak of consecutive weeks on the chart: 326, followed by Rihanna at 216 — Jordan Darville, Fader

What Canadians will lose out on as the U.S. deregulates the Internet while we’re stuck on ‘net neutrality’

The pro-regulation people think that Canada will have more start-ups and innovation along with lower prices and bigger caps. The anti-regulation people think that Canada will have less investment and less innovation— Kenneth Engelhart, Financial Post

Electronic music now a US$7.4B annual business

That’s the number reported in the annual IMS Business Report which shows that the global electronic music industry has grown 3% in the past year — Billboard

Metric’s Emily Haines on how to collaborate creatively

I’m not the kind of person who says, “lock me in a windowless room. I’m going to create something beautiful.” What I tend to do is go as far away from the people I know, from regular life and just from myself — Courtney Shea, Canadian Business

How Ariana Grande became an unlikely pop hero

The star who attracted so many young fans to the Manchester Arena may have started her career in a cheesy kids’ sitcom, but from her spectacular voice to her feminist convictions, she is no industry puppet — Sam Wolfson, The Guardian UK

Global music merch biz tops $3B

While all categories of licensed goods and services globally hit nearly $263B, which represented a 4.4% increase from the prior year, the music merchandise category grew at more than double that pace — Billboard

How to stay safe at a Canadian concert

When you venture out into a public space, especially a large gathering, it’s virtually impossible to guarantee your safety, but some of Live Nation’s concert tips are a definite help. They include — Chris Jancelewicz, Global News

The simple formula to becoming a bitcoin millionaire

The formula, according to Wences Casares? Take 1% or less of what you own, buy bitcoin with it, and then forget about it for at least the next five years; ideally the next decade. “You either lose one percent of your net worth, which most people can take, or you make millions” — Joon Ian Wong, Quartz

Budweiser wants you to sext them

The King of Beers and others are cashing in on the ubiquity of sexting — Alternet

Help fund Hype Machine

Built in a college dorm room in 2005, over the years the site has grown into a dedicated community of music fans. Operated by a team of three—an independent company without investors or funding. Most of the revenue comes from ads on the desktop site, but due to changes in online advertising, this is no longer enough to support the service — Hype Machine blog

The art of listening to music at work

Piping music into a pair of headphones at work is standard operating procedure for plenty of office workers, who use the sound to drown out background noise or escape into a focused, happy place. But what about when listening to music out loud—and with your co-workers—becomes a job requirement? — Bloomberg

2 quick ways for selling more tickets on Facebook

Marketing your event on Facebook is one of the most effective ways get the word out and drive ticket sales. In fact, Eventbrite organizers sell 10-20% of their tickets on average through social media, primarily driven by Facebook. No surprises there, since 550M people use Facebook Events every month — Hypebot

Cher, 71, turns back time in shockingly sheer black bodystocking with strategically placed sequins

She is presented with the Icon Award at the Billboard Music Awards – Rowan Pelling, The Telegraph

Head Jersey Boy Frankie is 83 yet somehow still sings like a teen

How does Frankie Valli merit two nights at a major mid-sized venue like Hard Rock Live? – Howard Cohen, Miami Herald

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