Strat played by Andrew Polec
Strat played by Andrew Polec

Bat Out Of Hell Ticket Sales Off To A Roaring Start

After garnering 5-star reviews and an extended run in Manchester, Bat Out Of Hell – The Musical promises to be the theatrical hit of the season when the show opens at London Coliseum on June 5.

So far the theatrical adaptation has sold over 160,000 tickets in the UK. before the London opening, and tickets aren't going cheap, either—scaled between C$112.00 and $474.00.

The musical version of the classic pop-operatic album, one that has sold over 2M copies in Canada since it was released in October of 1977, is a co-venture between Canadian event producer Michael Cohl's Iconic Entertainment Studios, Bell Media, and composer Jim Steinman.

For Bell Media, the co-venture is part of a new strategy to develop original intellectual property that generates vast income for the integrated media company.

It's a strategy led by Bell Media President Randy Lennox who understands the lucrative potential of the multiple spinoffs, including movies, television, soundtracks and merchandising that a hit show can bring in.

No doubt these executive producers are taking their cue from the success of Mamma Mia! and Jersey Boys, two musicals that turned best-selling songs into theatrical productions that have generated more than a couple of billion dollars through ticket and merchandise sales for their investors.

The Steinman musical has its North American opening on October 14, running through December 3, and has already sold over 27K tickets for the 2,200-seat Mirvish Theatre run.


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