IP lawyer Nathalie Dreyfus
IP lawyer Nathalie Dreyfus

When IP Law Meets Sharia Law

When international brands are planning to register a trademark in Iran, it is important for them to understand local nuances in order to make a successful entry in the market. Indeed, Iran has several specificities regarding trademark registration.

First, according to Article 5 of the Trademark Registration Law, trademarks that are not in accordance with sharia law, public order or morality are not registrable. For example, you wouldn’t be able to register trademarks containing elements that may be interpreted as immoral, or national flags or emblems of Iran.

Also, all trademarks in classes 32 (beer, ale and porter) and 33 (alcoholic beverages except beers) are prohibited.

Then, if the application is accepted by the Iran IP Office (IRIPO), the Iranian designation of the international trademark must be published in the Iran Trademark Gazette and the applicant must pay for the publication and the registration fees, otherwise, the registration will not be validated.

Once published in the gazette, it is deemed to be registered if no opposition is filed within 30 days.

 —  Nathalie Dreyfus is a specialist in Intellectual Property Law as well as a French and European Trademark Attorney, IP PRO

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