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The Nursery

The Nursery: Timeless Eye

The Nursery - "Timeless Eye" (Silent Phenomena): In just three years together, this Toronto-based quartet has won some notable awards marking them as an act to watch. They were awarded Best Indie Band (2015) and Best Music Video (2016) at the Toronto Independent Music Awards for a self-produced video for their song "Digital Ashes". The song also appears in Season 1 of the CBC show Schitt's Creek. Earlier this year, they won the Jim Beam Make History award during The Indies Gala during Canadian Music Week.

Expectations are high for their debut full-length album, Life After Wartime, to be released on July 7, and they're enhanced by this strong focus track.

It begins with dramatic swirling keyboard figures with a classic UK '80s synth-pop vibe. That is enhanced when the vocals kick in, while the layered production sound adds compelling atmospherics. Tears For Fears works as a reference point.

The Nursery's frontman Alex Pulec explains that "'Timeless Eye' is about harnessing the power of your own perception. You can let time wither and destroy all organic things, including ourselves. I've always felt that memory is a human way of working against the concept of time, which is inextricably connected to change. We have this amazing ability to freeze memories, people, and objects in our minds to match our own everlasting recollections of our subjective experiences."

The album was recorded in a creepy monastery in New York, with production duties shared by Mike Rocha (Electric Youth), Justin Rose (Shonen Knife), and Alex Pulec. Joao Carvalho (Death From Above 1979, Ivory Hours) mastered the project.

Mavis Harris at Nice Marmot PR  is handling publicity for this one.

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