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Media Beat: June 05, 2017

The CRTC plans to issue the following decisions and/or regulatory policies in the coming week. This list may be incomplete and is subject to change without notice.

Broadcasting Decisions:

Application by 9427899 Canada Inc. to reallocate the tangible benefits flowing from the change in the effective control of the radio station CKIN-FM Montréal

Application by My Broadcasting Corporation for a broadcasting licence to operate an English-language, commercial FM radio station in Simcoe

Findings regarding market capacity and the appropriateness of issuing a call for radio applications to serve the Brampton radio market

Findings regarding market capacity and the appropriateness of issuing a call for radio applications to serve the Aurora radio market

Telecom Decisions:

Sogetel inc. – Application for forbearance from the regulation of business local exchange services
File number: 8640-S4-201701748

Coalition pour le service 9-1-1 au Québec – Request to review and vary certain determinations in Telecom Decision 2016-453 regarding wireless Phase II Enhanced 9-1-1 service
File number: 8662-C238-201613117

Minister Bains to announce government actions to make telecommunications services more affordable for Canadians

The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, will deliver remarks at the Canadian Telecom Summit today. Minister Bains will talk about how the Government of Canada is ensuring that telecommunications services for Canadians are more affordable, accessible and of higher quality

Canada to launch subsidized low-income broadband program

It is not known what sort of internet service the national program will offer or at what price, but qualifying for it will be tied to the child benefit tax credit.

Participating internet providers will receive unspecified government concessions in other areas in exchange for potentially cannibalizing their businesses — Alphabeatic

On the eve of subsidized low-income broadband program, Bell, Rogers hike prices

Vancouver-based internet advocacy group Open Media contends that if internet service is to be accessible to everyone, prices must be kept in check — CBC

BBC. News Media Association announce plans for ground-breaking new partnership

The agreement will get under way as part of the new BBC Charter in 2017 and sets out to sustain plurality in the local news media, drive up the quality of services and use the expertise of both the BBC and the local commercial news sector for the benefit of all audiences. The key initiatives are:

  • The establishment of a reporting service to cover local authorities and public services. The BBC will fund 150 journalists from 2017*, who will be employed by qualifying local news organisations to provide a service to local news providers including the BBC.  

  • A video news bank enabling BBC local video and audio news content to be accessed by other local news media websites, enhancing their online offers and making BBC news output more accessible to audiences online.  

  • The BBC will invest in a data journalism unit which will work with partners across the industry to develop expertise and deliver content to all local news providers. 

In addition to those key initiatives there will be a jointly commissioned independent audit to establish the usage of local press content by the BBC on its media platforms and vice versa. The outcome of the independent audit will inform a review of the BBC’s efforts to improve the linking and attribution of stories and sources.

The proposals mean an overall investment of around C$139M a year and it heralds a new and unique partnership that will support both the BBC’s on-going public mission to serve local audiences, and the growth and evolution of the commercial news media sector. 


In Passing

— Canadian subscription video on demand service, CraveTV, has announced that it hit a record number of new subscribers in a single day for 2017 due to the release of the hit show Twin Peaks

— A new study says that more than one-third of Canadian lawyers have reported an increase in lawsuits related to images or information found on social media and mobile devices.

— Confused about where to find a show you want to watch that friends have recommended -- which channel on what cable service? has partnered with media subscription portal to remove the ambiguity with a one-stop online search function that finds them for you.

— 2001: A Space Odyssey, Tootsie, A Few Good Men and Before Midnight! are part of the June offerings from Canada’s Hollywood Suite, available on 4 HDTV channels and the Go app.

— US daily newspaper circulation fell 8% in 2016. The numbers mark the 28th consecutive year of declines. Weekday print circulation decreased 10%, and Sunday decreased 9%, the lowest levels since 1945.

Global media spends were up 7.2% with digital media content and tech comprising nearly 70% of overall global consumer spending on all media content and tech (traditional and digital) in 2016.

Worth Noting

Trump’s FCC strikes again

It's an idea that could bring major change to the way that broadcast businesses manage their facilities, staff and content distribution.

The Federal Communications Commission has formally released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, proposing to eliminate the main studio rule. It requires each AM, FM and television broadcast station to have a main studio in or near its local community. The commission had indicated earlier that it planned to do so as new Chairman Ajit Pai moves quickly to pursue his agenda of removing what he sees as outdated or unnecessary regulations — Radio World

The legend of Scott Pelley

He was very much in the CBS mold -- buttoned-down, no-nonsense, utterly professional. He may have been a little bland, but that’s a common characteristic of TV anchormen. “An inch deep and a mile wide” -- that’s the way one anchorman once described himself and his peers in a conversation with me some years back — Adam Buckman, Media Post

The disappearing computer

We’ve all had a hell of a ride for the last few decades, no matter when you got on the roller coaster. It’s been exciting, enriching, transformative. But it’s also been about objects and processes. Soon, after a brief slowdown, the roller coaster will be accelerating faster than ever, only this time it’ll be about actual experiences, with much less emphasis on the way those experiences get made — Walt Mossberg, recode

Paul Allen built the world’s largest plane to fling satellites into space

The Stratolaunch aircraft—whose 385-foot wingspan triples that of a Boeing 737—is the work of Mojave, California-based Scaled Composites. This week, the legendary aerospace design shop wheeled the plane out of the hangar for the first time — Wired

Google will help publishers prepare for a Chrome adblocker coming next year 

“The new setting, which is expected to be switched on by default within the desktop and mobile versions of Chrome, will prevent all ads from appearing on websites that are deemed to provide a bad advertising experience for users. To help publishers prepare, Google will provide a self-service tool called “Ad Experience Reports,” which will alert them to offending ads on their sites and explain how to fix the issues” — WSJ


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