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Prairie Cat

Prairie Cat: Crib Talk

Prairie Cat - "Crib Talk" (Fuzzy Logic): This is the clever title for singer/songwriter Cary Pratt's solo project. The Vancouver-based musician plays percussion in Mounties, the band, and has recorded with the likes of Rich Aucoin, and Said The Whale.

Prairie Cat's new album (his fourth), Is Cary Pratt, will be released on June 9, preceded by this impressive second single.

In a press release, Pratt explains that the track was inspired by "a female friend who remarked 'It must be weird being a guy. Doesn't it freak you out that you could possibly have kids out there that you don't even know about?!' Well….now that you've mentioned it, and the more I think about it. Yes, yes it does."

The song's lyrics address that possibility: "Who's your daddy? Can't say for certain but I think that we might be family. 'Cause I know your mommy. About nine months ago we got a little too friendly... and now.... it looks like me in a crib".

It's a potentially serious scenario, but Pratt handles it with musical and lyrical wit. Frisky keyboards and skittering drums keep it upbeat, and his vocals are similarly fresh and bright. Add in clean production from Ryan Dahle (Mounties, Limblifter, Hot Hot Heat), and the result sounds like something you might have heard on '70s AM radio.

Prairie Cat starts a five-city Canadian tour at Victoria's Copper Owl on June 10, closing out at Burdock in Toronto on June 20.

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