At a typewriter as a young man on the isle of Hydra
At a typewriter as a young man on the isle of Hydra

Fans Flock To Hydra For Leonard Cohen Celebration

Hydra Hallelujah: superfans keep Leonard Cohen's spirit alive in Greece

Fans of the late musician have been gathering on his former Greek island home to sing his songs, swap stories about him and unveil a bench overlooking the sea.

A round of applause broke out when the barman at the Roloi cafe hoisted a small red and white flag over the waterfront taverna – the unified heart symbol that the Canadian songwriter Leonard Cohen used on the cover of one of his early poetry collections.

The first tourists of the season, a dozen at most, were gathered beneath it on the Greek island of Hydra where Cohen, who was yet to soar to fame as one of the most lyrical songwriters of his generation, arrived in 1960 to work on his poetry and novels.

This small group of travellers had not arrived at the Roloi by chance. Within the next few days, another 200 would join them on a kind of pilgrimage to this island beloved by the singer, who died last November —  continue reading Caroline Brothers’ feature in the Guardian UK here

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