Death From Above Photo: Lyndsey Byrnes
Death From Above Photo: Lyndsey Byrnes

​​​​​​​Death From Above - Freeze Me

Death From Above - "Freeze Me" (Last Gang): The much-loved heavy dance-rock duo of Sebastien Grainger and Jesse F. Keeler has dropped the 1979 part of the band name, suggesting that an earlier legal dispute with DFA Records that forced that addition has been resolved.

That is of far less significance than the fact DFA is making a very welcome return. “Freeze Me” was released last week and featured on the Season 4 premiere episode of HBO’s Silicon Valley, and a suitably off-kilter video clip has just come out, premiering on MUCH this week.

The video was funded by MuchFACT, shot in Los Angeles and directed by Canadian filmmaker Corey Adams. In a label press release, vocalist/drummer Grainger explains the clip: "When Corey Adams started talking to us about making this video he said he wanted it to be about how body builders would spend their last day on earth before the nuclear apocalypse. He also mentioned there would be a guy dressed as Rambo playing a machine gun like an electric guitar and a lady body builder pumping iron under water. He had us at hello.”

The body building theme is a fitting complement, given DFA's 'sonic steroids' style.

The track itself features another muscular and teeth-rattling riff that has long been a Death From Above signature yet it manages to be catchy as well. Producer Eric Valentine has recorded with such other hard rock maestros as Queens of the Stone Age and Slash, and does strong work here.

Keeler pledges that the band continues to evolve, noting that "you should be trying different things, whether subconsciously or consciously. You’ve got to stretch out the pizza dough of your idea and see how big you can make it creatively.”

DFA's previous studio record, The Physical World, came out in 2014, followed by Live At Third Man Records last year.  We're told that more information from Death From Above will be released soon.

A long-time festivals favourite, Death From Above has six North American fests on the calendar, including Ottawa Bluesfest, Quebec City's Festival D'Ete, WayHome, and Osheaga. Dates here

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