Meghan Patrick
Meghan Patrick

CMAO Wins Boost Meghan Patrick's Soaring Career

Meghan Patrick's newfound status as the leading trophy-winner at Sunday's Country Music Association of Ontario (CMAO) Awards show is a serious career boost for the singer/songwriter from Bowmanville. She won in the Album, Female Artist, Music Video, and Rising Star of the Year categories.

Patrick is signed to a publishing deal with ole Publishing and has a record deal with Warner Music Canada, who released her debut album Grace and Grit a year ago.

Steve Coady,  Vice President, Radio Promotion at Warner, explains that "Meaghan was already firmly on the radar of Country Radio programmers and listeners, but the Awards success is the type of thing that solidifies everybody’s belief in an artist."

BC-based KMusic Management's Tracey Singer tells FYI that "I started officially managing Meghan in March 2015. She is an amazing artist and songwriter who dedicates every day to her art. I don't think I've ever met anyone more focused or determined to reach her goals. "

Singer states that "winning four CMAO Awards in those categories is a great success story as she was up against some strong talent. I believe it does help to get Meghan's  name out there and will raise more awareness on all social media platforms."

Patrick will take advantage of this exposure by actively touring over the summer, says Singer. "We have been working closely with our agent, Vinny Cinquemani at Feldman, to secure dates well into fall. Meghan loves being on the road and sharing her music with her fans."

Cinquemani, Senior VP at The Feldman Agency, has been Patrick's agent since January 2016, and he explains that "we came up with a strategy with Tracey to put her out playing on major country festivals. Last year it was events like Big Valley, Camrose, and Cavendish.

"This year we have her on the Dauphin festival with Keith Urban, the next night she is in Timmins with Urban and Johnny Reid, she is doing Havelock, Trackside in London, Country Thunder in Craven with Blake Shelton, and Manitoulin Country Festival with Dwight Yoakam. Tons of shows, playing with major stars and delivering. We wanted to put her in front of as many people as possible because this is an artist who can play, sing and write songs, and will always deliver live."

Patrick hasn't just been opening up for big country acts, Cinquemani notes. "In conjunction with Coalition Music, we put her on Tom Cochrane's Mad Mad World tour as the direct support act. She also came out during Tom's set and played a few numbers with Tom and the band.

"This was not a country audience, but they know great songs and a great live performance, and Meghan came through."

Cinquemani notes that "the CMAO wins are only going to help, but I'm more interested in getting the word out across Canada on the big success she has been experiencing over the last year. How well the songs are performing at radio and the fantastic reaction she has been getting live. Winning the awards is another great story to add to that."

He acknowledges that "her fees have been going up organically, but it has never been about the money for any of our acts, it has always been about building the career."

Steve Coady explains that "we are currently working the fourth single from the album, 'Be Country With Me,' which was produced by Vince Gill and Justin Niebank and features Vince on background vocals. It is poised to crack the Top 20 on the Country Radio charts, which would be her fourth Top 20 ('Still Loving You' - featuring Joe Nichols) reached the Top 10). We are considering a fifth single."

He reports that most of a second album has already been recorded. "It is being produced by Nashville heavyweight – and fellow Ole Publishing writer - Jeremy Stover (Johnny Reid, Justin Moore). The first batch of songs will be mixed this month by Chris Lord-Alge (Keith Urban, Tim McGraw). We have not set a release date. We work closely with Meghan’s Music Publisher, ole, to find the right co-writers and choose the right songs."

All involved in Patrick's career are confidently predicting big things. Coady explains that "as I’ve said before if a group of music industry professionals tried to invent a country singer, Meghan would be it. Her combination of talent, songwriting abilities, personality and dedication are as good as I’ve encountered in my career."

To Cinquemani, "Meghan is developing into a world-class artist."

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