Burton with signed copies of his book
Burton with signed copies of his book

Burton Cummings Publishes His Own Book Of Poems

Burton Cummings recently released a book of poetry —The Writings of B.L. Cummings. Ivor Levene asked the singer-songwriter about his tome, and in particular what compelled him to a book of poetry. Here’s how he responded:

I had done a set of cards with my friend Ernie Cefalu, and there were 60 cards in the set. I had to transcribe all of the lyrics in 60 of my songs for these cards.

And you know what?

Most people have not written 60 songs, not a lot of artists anyway. So that helped me along.

I’ve written about 240 songs over the years, and with the Internet now, I wanted to have them up on my site, and my friend Grayson who looks after all that said, “I need to have the lyrics to every song you’ve ever written. That was back in 2007, and when I finished doing it was when I thought to myself, “I should write a couple of poems tonight”. It all got serious in 2008 and I’ve written all these poems since then.

There are 50 or so in the book.

There are another 40 that are good enough for a second book, but we’ll see what happens.

— You can read the entire interview here and discover more about the book on his website here

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