Music Biz Headlines, June 21, 2017

Toronto's NXNE adds comedy tent, carnival feel to festival site

'It's going to be social media heaven' says founder Michael Hollett —  Karen Bliss, Billboard

"I loved being part of that '80s scene"

Are the punk, mod and skinhead girls still rebelling? — The Guardian

Smooth sailing continues for Yacht Rock

Decade-old web series’ surprising persistence includes current cinema screenings — Garnet Fraser, Toronto Star

The Alanis Morissette album from the ’90s America needs now

"Without knowing how the musical will make the album come to life, I’m still excited to see how it will sit in our political and cultural moment" —  Hanif Abdurraqib, New York Times

Motor City Madman tries to put his hateful words in reverse

After shooting, Ted Nugent tries to retreat to his inoffensive views, Vinay Menon writes   Toronto Star

The Moody Blues open the season — and flirt with self-parody — at the Hollywood Bowl

It was bad enough to make you hope the Hollywood Bowl looks somewhere beyond classic rock for next year’s opening night. Unless Spinal Tap wants the gig —  Mikael Wood, LA Times

The sadism, compassion and sheer liberated joy of “Like a Rolling Stone”

How Bob Dylan took a "long piece of vomit about twenty pages long" and turned it into a six-minute masterpiece — Mark Polizzotti, Salon

Booker T. Talks 'Emotional' Return to Monterey Pop Festival 50 Years Later

Jones backed Otis Redding's historic set at the original festival in 1967 — Emma Silvers, Rolling Stone

Hanson are not interested in collaborating with Justin Bieber

"Whenever Justin Bieber gets near me or near my ears, it’s just ear infections. Chlamydia of the ear"  —

Alexisonfire ready to make a racket once again

The five members of the mostly dormant rock band say they've missed paying together and their shared sense of humour — Ben Rayner, Toronto Star

Exclaim's Top 29 albums of 2017 to date

Drake, Feist and Mac Demarco make the top 10 in list compiled by contributors — Exclaim!

Canadian-Cuban crew of Maqueque sizzle at the Dakota

Led by Jane Bunnett, the Juno-winning combo is getting rave reviews on US tour — Dan Emerson,

Vancouver jazz festival's New York connections

This year many performers from B.C. are showcasing bands begun in the Big Apple — Stuart Derdeyn, Vancouver Sun

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