The power trio. Photo: Global News
The power trio. Photo: Global News

Bonnie & Clyde Relaunch Alex, Geddy & Neil

A year ago, in May, a pair of capybaras decided to choose free will, escaping Toronto’s High Park Zoo, and their headlong flight lasted for weeks.

One was captured last June 12, but the other anarchist stayed free for another six days.

The capybaras—since dubbed “Bonnie” and “Clyde”— have become media darlings in the city and their subsequent amorous unification resulted in Bonnie giving birth to triplets in February. The cute capybears captured the hearts of the citizenry and led park officials to launch a naming contest for these web-footed rodents.

On Saturday, June 24, it became official that these pups have been named Alex, Geddy and Neil, for members of the band Rush.

Coun. Sarah Doucette, whose ward includes High Park, said 44,817 people voted in a contest held to determine the triplets’ names.

Doucette added that the winning set of names received more than 30,000 of the votes.

Guitarist Alex Lifeson, drummer Neil Peart and singer Geddy Lee, said through their publicist on Saturday that they are “thrilled to hear that three cute little furry creatures from South America now bear our names.”

“Thanks to all who voted to give us this special honour,” Geddy said, through his publicist. “By the way, which one is me? In the picture I saw none of them were wearing glasses.”

Runners-up included “Snap, Crackle and Pop”, and “Mocha, Chino and Latte.”



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