L CON Photo: Victoria Long
L CON Photo: Victoria Long

L CON: Form of Space

L CON - "Form of Space" (Wildlife Sanctuary Sound Recordings): This track is taken from Moon Milk, a 2016 album by L CON, a solo project of Toronto singer/songwriter/film composer Lisa Conway.

She is better known to some as the vocalist in the acclaimed synth-pop combo Del Bel, but her adventurous compositional talent is given full rein in L CON. Assisting her in the group is Karen Ng (Andy Shauf), Andrew Collins (The Skeletones Four), and Jordan Howard (Jim Guthrie). 

"Form of Space" is inspired by a collection of science fiction stories by Italo Calvi. The song showcases the aching purity of Conway's voice, while the well-choreographed video clip is quite mesmerising. Featuring an all-female dance troupe from Guelph, the video was directed and filmed by Victoria Long.

"I was aiming for a futuristic but nostalgic feel on Moon Milk, something very much human but otherworldly, and that was important for us to encapsulate in the video," Conway tells popdust. "We wanted to create something that lived in its own universe, and let the video evolve on its own terms, rather than draw specifically from visual references, though I'm sure there's lots of things that subconsciously influenced our decision-making."

Conway holds an MA in Sonic Arts from Queen’s University Belfast, where she graduated with distinction. In 2016 she completed the Slaight Music Residency at The Canadian Film Centre.


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