A smiling Chad Kroeger
A smiling Chad Kroeger

Despite What's Said, It's Not So Bad Being In Nickelback

Honestly, I even think the critics like Nickelback. I honestly do... It's not like it's bad music, it's just music... We're that guilty pleasure.

I was in New York this one time, a guy came up to me in this club and said, 'Hey, aren't you Chad from Nickelback?' I said, 'Yes, I am.'

He said, 'Hey, I did an interview with you years and years and years ago for Rolling Stone magazine. I brought in the article and the editor said I had to change it. He said, 'No no no, this is too favorable, you have to change this article and make it negative.''

And he didn't understand that. The agenda was there. I asked him, 'So, what do you do now?' He was like, 'Oh, I sell cars. I didn't like that job, it didn't pay.'

— Chad Kroeger, in conversation with CBC's Tom Power

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