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Prism Prize And Slaight Music Unveil Canadian Classics Videos

The Canadian Classics section of the Prism Prize website was launched on Canada's 150th birthday this past Saturday, produced with the support of Slaight Music and defined as a collection of the most essential Canadian music videos of all time. 

The curated list includes seminal videos such as Mitsou's "Bye Bye Mon Cowboy," the Shuffle Demons' "Spadina Bus," the first Arcade Fire videos by pioneering filmmaker Vincent Morisset, and Rush's "The Enemy Within" that was the first video played on MuchMusic when it launched in 1984.

Although the list generally ranges from the early '80s up until approximately 2012, when Prism Prize began collecting the best of the year in separate curated lists, the collection also includes Bobby Gimby's "Ca-na-da," a music video made for Canada's centennial birthday in 1967. 

Prism Prize founder Louis Calabro explains that "the list is meant to serve as the go-to place when it comes to viewing content from the history of Canadian music video production.  We should also note that although the team endeavoured to create the most comprehensive list, Prism Prize engages and encourages the public to send additional suggestions for future inclusion. "

See the selected videos here

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