L-R: Geddy, Neil and Alex, circa 1977
L-R: Geddy, Neil and Alex, circa 1977

A Farewell To Kings Returns For A 40th Anniversary Salute

A Farewell to Kings, the 1977 album arranged and produced by Rush and Terry Brown, has been remastered by Brown in anticipation of a 40th-anniversary release on Sept 1.

 UMe/Anthem/ole released a limited edition, 12” single for “Cygnus X-1” as a Record Store Day exclusive on April 22. The album was the first Gold certification for the band in the US and went on to sell over a million copies in the market. In Canada, it shipped gold and was certified platinum in Feb. 1978.

A Farewell to Kings was remastered in 2011 by Andy VanDette as part of the three-volume Sector box sets, which re-released all of Rush's albums recorded for Mercury. In addition to the standard audio CD, A Farewell to Kings was also included on an audio DVD in the Sector 2 set, remixed into 5.1 surround sound.

A Farewell to Kings was remastered for vinyl in 2015 by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios as a part of the official "12 Months of Rush" promotion. The high def master prepared for this release was also made available for purchase in 24-bit/96 kHz and 24-bit/192 kHz formats, at several high-resolution audio online music stores.

In the Q & Mojo 2005 40 Cosmic Rock Albums edition, the album came in sixth in a list of "40 Cosmic Rock Albums.”

Conversely, Robert Christgau gave the record a D rating, calling Rush "the most obnoxious band currently making a killing on the zonked teen circuit." He compared them to bands such as Angel, Kansas or Uriah Heep, “with vocals revved up an octave. Or two."

The band co-written title track holds relevance today and includes the band’s famous refrain, “can’t we find the minds  to lead us closer to the heart.”

View all of Rush's Canadian certifications on the Music Canada website here. American RIAA certifications here and 9 facts about the album here.

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