White Hot Guilt: Little Things

White Hot Guilt- "Little Things" (TDM Inc): This intriguing new project pairs the formidable talents of July Talk's Josh Warburton and Toronto songsmith Thomas D'Arcy. They have a five-song EP set for release on July 21, preceded by this first single.

A press release describes the sound of WHG as "a future retrospect in music. Now meets then. Daft Punk meets the Bee Gees. LCD Soundsystem meets Stevie Wonder. White Hot Guilt is sort of like a lot of things, but not like anything else at all. The only common thread: fun."

There is a retro, disco-tinged feel to the catchy as hell "Little Things."  Horns and a solid rhythm section propel the track, and it never overstays its welcome. We've long enjoyed the melodic pop of D'Arcy in Small Sins, and he has found a kindred spirit in Warburton (the pair co-write and co-produce all the material).

White Hot Guilt has recruited an A-list cast of musical pals for the album, including jazz cats Perry White, Luis Deniz, Chris Butcher, Alex Brown and Bryden Baird, plus Ryan Dahle (Age of Electric), Pete Dreimanis (July Talk), and Justin Peroff (Broken Social Scene).

It is worth noting that all the proceeds from the sales of the EP are going to SKETCH, a Toronto-based community-arts-development initiative that creates equal opportunities for young people homeless and on the margins from across Canada to experience the transformative power of the arts. 

A fun pop tune and a great cause - what's not to like? Hopefully, Warburton can find time amidst July Talk's busy schedule to play some White Hot Guilt shows, though so far nothing is set.

Beth Cavanagh at What's the Story? is handling PR. More info here

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