Unbuttoned: Womxn Cry

Unbuttoned - "Womxn Cry" (Round 4 Records): This Toronto-based R&B/pop quartet was off my radar screen before hearing this powerful track and video.

It is the second single taken from the upcoming album, Liquid, set for an Aug. 8 release.

Lyrically, it can be described as a shout from a survivor emerging from a painful state. Soulful singer Kamilah Apong describes it as “a breaking, a snapping, dying, resurrection. A deep love for self, and a deep hate of self. What it looks like, sometimes, when I lose my mind. What it sounds like to fall back in love with myself.”

Produced by band member Casey MQ, it mixed by Kevin Killen (Elvis Costello/David Bowie) and mastered by Adam Ayan (Lana Del Rey/Mavis Staples), and the production values are of a correspondingly high quality.

The accompanying dance-themed video, featuring Apong, complements the lyrical themes in eye-catching fashion, thanks to the direction and cinematography of Victoria Long (L Con).

This is contemporary R&B of a high order, and with a deeper social conscience than displayed in most of Unbuttoned's peers. Of note: Apong and Casey MQ have created Hummingbird, an open stage for youth in Toronto's Regent Park community.

CBC Music calls Unbuttoned "a band to watch," and we wholeheartedly concur.

Mavis Harris at Nice Marmot PR is handling this one.

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