UTA logo to be replaced soon with Jack Ross's signature agency
UTA logo to be replaced soon with Jack Ross's signature agency

UTA Canada's Jack Ross Suggests He's Opening His Own Shop

As the news of the imminent closure of the Canadian arm of United Talent Agency trickles down, a growing number of questions are in need of answers.

For now, UTA Canada CEO Jack Ross is wary of answering specifics; however, there are options open to represent the acts on the Canadian roster, although there is a suggestion in the US operation's press release that some of them will be transferred for representation by the US operations. How many of these acts have key man clauses that free them to choose is another question that needs an answer.

For now, however, Ross responded in an email with the following this afternoon:

“I can tell you that myself and all the agents in this office plan to continue being agents and representing our clients.

“We’ve represented many for decades, and we have an incredible list of emerging talent as well.

“We plan on continuing to be passionate advocates for Canadian artists, helping them tour around the world.

“We believe Toronto is an exciting place to operate from and that the talent pool in Canada is rich. One door closes, and another opens.

“My phone is ringing off the hook, gotta go.”

More to follow

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