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Media Beat: August 02, 2017

St. John’s radio market put on hold

In an unusual ruling, the CRTC has dismissed an application by Andrew Green and Jordan Elliott for a broadcasting licence to operate a commercial FM radio station to serve St. John’s, NL.

Unusual because in its negative economic analysis of the market, the regulator went one step further by stating that it will not entertain further applications for new commercial radio stations to serve the St. John’s radio market for two years, effective July 31, 2017.

No new stations have launched in the market since 2003.

In its analysis, the Commission states: “The St. John’s radio market has performed poorly since 2012, with flat revenues and low profitability. Further, according to the Conference Board of Canada, economic projections are unfavorable.

While GDP growth for St. John’s is expected to be comparable to national GDP growth between 2018 and 2020, population growth is forecasted to stagnate. Moreover, between 2018 and 2021, the unemployment rate is expected to remain high (average of 10.4%), which exceeds the national average for that period of 6.5%” — CRTC release

CRTC taking more heat over Super Bowl simsub ban

A coalition of creative groups and advertisers are showing their support for Bell's call for the CRTC to suspend its simultaneous substitution ban for Super Bowl LII in 2018 and permanently rescind the embargo going forward.

"There are no benefits to Canadians when our broadcast regulator favours US advertising, but there have been significant negative economic and cultural impacts in our country resulting directly from the CRTC's decision," said Mirko Bibic, Bell's Chief Legal & Regulatory Officer and Executive VP, Corporate Development.

"The damage is being felt across the Canadian creative, cultural and broadcasting communities, including drastic reductions in Super Bowl audiences and revenues at CTV."

In a joint statement made yesterday, the group says that new independent research confirms the broader impact on creators, broadcasters and Canadian businesses after just a single year of the CRTC's Super Bowl simsub ban.

The research suggests the ban has cost the Canadian economy approximately $158M and driven advertising dollars to US border stations "in an attempt to reach Canadian viewers."

The statement adds that the revenue loss to, the Canadian creative community is $3.3M in direct funding and $4M in promotional time for homegrown content” — Media release

Harvey Oberfeld slams Shaw, Corus and the CRTC

The retired media journalist is riled up over the regulator allowing Shaw to shut down its community stations in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton.

He slams the Commission for allowing a deterioration in community news and the media titans for boosting shareholder wealth by cutting newsroom staff — via Puget Sound Radio

Evanov Group earns CRTC blessing

The CRTC has approved an ownership change at CFWC 93.9 Brantford, ON. The Evanov Radio Group will take over the assets of the station from Sound of Faith Broadcasting.

The total value of the transaction is $440K with $26,400 payable in CCD funding over the next seven years. The station retains its Christian format.

Evanov companies own and operate radio stations in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and Nova Scotia, including seven with the "Jewel" branding and the slogan "Today's Lite Hits and Yesterday's Favourites."

Founder Bill Evanov recently celebrated 50 years in radio.

Cable subs forecast is troubling

Households without pay TV service have increased by about 1M nationally in the space of four years, representing about $1B in lost revenue to BDUs. It’s just the tip of the iceberg as a new generation of householders has never signed up — Kaan Yigit, CARTT

Spotify plans to muscle in on Apple’s podcast biz

The streaming service is experimenting in new media to increase the time customers spend with its app -- and boost advertising sales. As of now, most consumers looking for music videos or podcasts leave Spotify for Apple and YouTube. In particular, the company wants to assess awareness of its service among avid podcast listeners and could expand the campaign to more providers later this year Bloomberg News


— Senior correspondent Adrienne Arsenault, Power & Politics host Rosemary Barton, Vancouver local news host Andrew Chang and News Network anchor Ian Hanomansing are named as hosts of CBC's flagship program The National that debuts in its new format this November.

Arsenault and Hanomansing will host from Toronto, Barton will be in Ottawa and Chang will continue to be based in Vancouver.

— The Commission has renewed the broadcasting license for ethnic radio station CJLL-FM Ottawa/Gatineau and approved its application to reduce the station’s third-language programming from 92% to 70%

— Dave Cadeau has been named National Format Director - Sports, expanding his current role as PD for Sportsnet 590 The FAN CJCL AM Toronto.  He now oversees the entire Rogers Media sports format, including the new Sportsnet 650 CISL AM Vancouver, scheduled to launch in Sept

— In a victory for FM radio listeners in Mexico, the country’s broadcast regulator, the Federal Telecommunications Institute, now requires smartphone manufacturers to activate their phones’ built-in FM radio reception chips. Lobbying efforts in Canada so far have failed to realize the same legislative mandate.

— SESAC on Friday completed its first rate arbitration with the US Radio Music Licensing Committee, with the music PRO touting its success in increasing its rate relative to its market share.

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