Music Biz Headlines, Aug. 9, 2017

Ed Sheeran’s Divide puts Warner Music’s streaming income on track to cross £1B

The world’s third largest record company made $360m from streaming in the three months to the end of June, up 58.6% on the same period a year ago, crediting top-selling artists including Sheeran, Dua Lipa, Bruno Mars, Gorillaz and Clean Bandit —  The Guardian (UK)

Bingo proves a wild number for Bell Island community radio station

The Avalon Peninsula FM is pulling in as much as $200K a year from Bingo Radio and now there’s a power struggle over gets to keep the payout —  The Telegram

Sick of ‘Takin’ Care of Business’? Songwriters share their fave obscure Canadian songs

Bruce Cockburn, Gordon Lightfoot and rocker-turned-MP Charlie Angus sing the praises of low-profile songs that evoke this country — Peter Goddard, The Star

Tencent expected to spin-off web music, publishing and search units

The Chinese streaming and in-app mobile service claims 15M subscribers, meaning it trails only Spotify and Apple Music in paying customers, and has 600M monthly active users — Financial Times

The average hit song has 4+ writers and 6 different publishers

According to a new study, the number of writers and publishers on hit songs has increased substantially.  In the 1960s, an average hit song on the Billboard Top 10 had an average of 1.87 writers and 1.68 publishers each year.  Songwriting duos were common, and creativity a simpler endeavor — Daniel Sanchez, Digital Music News

Facebook’s recruitment drive in the music business continues

The company is hiring a Music Publishing Business Development Manager based in London and is scouting for other senior staff to bulk up what appears to be its bid to operate its own music licensing operations — Music Business Worlwide

Scientists have found the lowest note in the universe (and it’s a B flat)

The Perseus cluster of galleries is 250 million light years from Earth. The ripples detected by Nasa’s Chandra X-ray Observatory  were evidence of sound waves that have travelled hundreds of thousands of light years from the black hole at the cluster’s centre — Classic fM

YouTube throws more support behind Canadian creators with spotlight channel

The debut of the page features a selection of past viral hits, trending music videos from Canadian artist, indigenous musicians, Canadian YouTube creators and a feature called "Creator on the Rise," which unearths the hottest Canadian clips on YouTube each week. It's the first time a country has been singled out with its own “curated” content section — The Canadian Press

Welcome to the ‘royalty black box,’ the music industry’s $2.5B underground economy

So who’s replacing the mobsters in the digital economy?  Welcome to a more sophisticated racket that’s just as lucrative.  And it involves billions in unclaimed, unmatched, delayed, or otherwise unpaid digital royalties.  And holding the golden bag is a mish-mosh of well-positioned middlemen, including a gaggle of PROs, mechanical rights licensing administrators, and others who mysteriously can’t figure out where that check should be sent — Paul Resnikoff, Digital Music News

The meme-first reality of today's music promotion game

If you want your song to be a hit in 2017, it’s going to need a dance. French Montana and Migos are recent examples — David Turner, Wired

Classic albums have become today's coffee table books

The deluxe edition of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is housed in an LP-sized box containing four CDs, a DVD and a Blu-ray containing an old documentary about the album, a surround sound mix of Pepper, and a facsimile of a priceless artifact, in this case, the box containing EMI reel-to-reel tape of the album.

I’m sure this is a heck of a lot more expensive than most actual coffee table books; but at least these up-market reissues are entertaining, informative and in some cases included a hardcover book — Joel Goldenberg, The Suburban

Music and the decline of Capitalism

As Marx correctly predicted in his writings on the use of machinery under capitalism, the rise of this new technology, far from freeing artists from exploitation, only drove them further into dire straits, making it all but impossible for most artists to benefit from the sale of their music — Joel Ang, Socialist Revolution

Adele: The full story

In little more than eight years, Adele has come from nowhere to establish herself as one of the world's biggest entertainment brands, right up there with Grand Theft Auto, Star Wars, FIFA 2016, and Call of Duty. She’s a bit of a control freak, and it has helped her immensely to protect herself and people’s perceptions about her — BBC News

Drake brings out cavalcade of guests and sits atop his own CN Tower at 8th annual OVO Fest

The King of the Six assembles another star-studded lineup on Monday night — Karen Bliss, Billboard

Don Henley on Randy Newman: 'The most misunderstood and underappreciated recording artist alive'

The Eagles co-founder has been a fan since the '70s  — LA Times

T.O. ignites love songs from different musicians, not just Drake

From Shuffle Demons and The Lowest Of The Low to Gordon Lightfoot and Rush, the list of artists paying loving homage to Toronto is an impressve one — Jane Stevenson, Toronto Sun

Osheaga weathers the storm of a tumultuous 12th year

Stormy weather and artist dropouts add a little chaos to proceedings —T'Cha Dunlevy, Montreal Gazette

Nick Lowe: Five songs my son loves

His list includes a tune from Ron Sexsmith, who Lowe calls "the last songwriter to know where the bucket to the melody well is stashed" — Rolling Stone

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