Tim Moxam & Liz Stringer
Tim Moxam & Liz Stringer

Tim Moxam & Liz Stringer: Leave It Behind

Tim Moxam & Liz Stringer - "Leave It Behind" (Roaring Girl Records): Here is one trans-Pacific partnership that is both productive and non-controversial. Tim Moxam is a Toronto-based singer/songwriter while Liz Stringer is based in Melbourne, Australia. They have both released solo albums on Miranda Mulholland's Roaring Girl Records and recently teamed up as a duo.

Geographically separated, these two  completed a 16-date joint tour of Australia earlier this year, and that helped inspire their first duet recording, "Leave It Behind."

A label press release explains that "with all intentions to write together while on the road (but a far too hectic schedule), this song didn’t fully come to fruition until the day before a live video shoot they had previously booked months before. The two sat at Liz’s kitchen table in Australia and hashed out a new track inspired by an original idea brought over by Tim. The majority of the track was recorded in Canada, while Liz did her vocals and a bunch of guitars, including the solo, in Australia."

The files, sent back to Toronto where producer Joshua Van Tassel (David Myles, Megan Bonnell) mixed and mastered, do not sound pieced together as the two voices harmonise in tight and very appealing fashion. The tune is simultaneously jaunty and mellow, and the lyrics address the appeal of travel and starting over: "let's find a place to lay our claim." A sweet treat.

Moxam and Stringer began a summer tour of eastern Canada at the Sawdust City festival in Gravenhurst, ON, on the weekend. Shows include Wakefield's Black Sheep Inn on Aug. 11 and Toronto's Burdock on Aug. 13. Here's a full itinerary

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