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Media Beat: August 18, 2017

Apple Inc. has set a budget of roughly US$1B to procure and produce original content over the next year, according to WSJ, which suggests that the gadget maker could acquire and produce as many as ten television shows and offer high-quality video, similar to shows such as HBO’s Game of Thrones.

— Vista Radio has applied for a commercial FM licence for the city of Lloydminster, AB/SK. The CRTC has issued a call for comments, with Sept. 15 set as the deadline for interventions.

— The Commission has renewed Bell Media French-language FM licenses for CITE, CITF and CJAB in Sherbrooke, Québec, and Saguenay respectively.

— Evan Solomon has posted that he is looking for a producer for his new Bell Media national show. Submissions:

— Rogers has something to smile about: The Globe & Mail reports that over the run of the 2017 NHL playoffs, the average audience on CBC and Sportsnet was 1.61M viewers a game – a 94-per-cent increase over last year.

— Reader’s Digest has the highest combined print and digital readership of the 45 English-language titles measured by Vividata measurement firm in Canada (4.5M), followed by Cineplex (4.19M); Canadian Living (3.83M); People (3.49M) Canadian Geographic (3.43M) and Chatelaine (3.2M).

Among newspapers, The Globe and Mail averages 3.1M print and digital readers on a typical weekday (including 2.4 million digital readers). The National Post averages 2.02M, The Star remains Toronto’s largest daily newspaper, with a combined print/digital readership of 1.7M on a typical weekday, while La Presse averages 1.04M weekday readers, followed by Le Journal de Montréal at 902,000 in Montreal.

— Recent tweets from the voluble “troublemaker” and Rebel Media founder, Ezra Levant:

Maclean's has lost money for years. Its sole raison d'etre is as a political poker chip for Rogers in their CRTC political negotiations.

Rogers keeps Maclean's, b/c for a few million bucks they can do puff-pieces on Trudeau's socks that oil the wheels for cable/cell deals.

It's a sign of success that the Rebel received so much attention this week. If you weren't a threat they wouldn't bother trying to smear you


Rina Steuerman, known to many in the broadcast industry for her time with Broadcast News and, died from cancer early Thursday (Aug. 17) at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, at age 70.

Jean-Marie Heimrath remembers working closely with her at BN News as she was the principal person who looked after satellite distribution for many of the broadcasters. “She was able to pull rabbits out of her hat many times when everyone one said it wasn’t possible,” he stated in an email, adding that, “I will miss her” as many of her friends will.

I first came to know her when I published The Record, and she contacted me about having the Canadian Music & Broadcast Industry Awards broadcast live on a private-feed to radio stations so that those unable to attend could listen.

She was that kind of a person. A gentle soul with a heart of gold.

Earlier this year she holidayed in Sicily with the newly retired Lesley Soldat, and she was in fine form, with a previous cancer in remission., Her cancer came back with a vengeance five weeks ago and was deemed inoperable. Details about the shiva are not yet available, but it is expected to be held at her north Toronto home starting Sunday.

Worth Noting

Broadcasting strategies for the digital age

A successful marketing and distribution campaign has three key ingredients: advertising on social networks, partnerships with established media outlets and reaching out to influencers — Canada Media Fund Trends

The Rebel spirals into dangerous waters

Rebel Media’s sympathetic coverage of the white nationalist protest in Charlottesville, Va.—correspondent Faith Goldy repeatedly calls marchers on that side “Patriots,” as many of them called themselves—was finally what pushed Rebel co-founder Brian Lilley to break with the activism-media outlet.

The Rebel had become increasingly toxic in mainstream Canadian discourse, and the target of a campaign for companies to pull ads from its website — Jason Markusoff, Maclean’s

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