Bryan Adams signing autographs for fans
Bryan Adams signing autographs for fans

Nielsen Publishes Its First Canadian Live Music Report

A Nielsen survey reports that Canadian fans devote 60 percent of their annual music spend on attending related musical events and 40 percent reports making CD purchases on the grounds.

Both numbers are considerable and suggest that festivals and concerts offer significant opportunity for targeting active music fans and increasing sales for pre-recorded music.

By comparison, only 20 percent report having downloaded featured artist’s music after an event. The uptick in streaming is well below CD purchase as well, at 29 percent.

Other takeaways from the inaugural Live Music & Brands report include:

Fans view live events as a great way to try new products, with a preference for brands that offer new & unique ways to engage with the music or artists.

12% of live music attendees said they learned more about a sponsor’s name at a live event; 13% stated that they purchased the brand’s product after the event.

More info and pictographs here.

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