Biblical in concert: Photo:
Biblical in concert: Photo:

Biblical: Fugue State

Biblical - "Fugue State" (New Damage): This Toronto band has a sound that seamlessly fuses hard, stoner and psych-rock elements in invigorating fashion.

"Fugue State" is the second single from Biblical's forthcoming second full-length album, The City That Always Sleeps—released on New Damage Records in Canada and Tee Pee Records in the US, UK, and Europe.

The track has a trippier feel than the album's first single, "Mature Themes" and much of their other material, but gradually gets heavier via the guitar solo. Vocalist/bassist Nick Sewell has a powerful and versatile set of pipes, and the guitar skills of Matt Mclaren are in vivid evidence.

Sewell recently said the following about the cut: “We were determined to explore some new sounds for this record and “Fugue State” definitely falls into that category. More than any other song on the record, it operates with a sense of open space. That gave us plenty of room to experiment, specifically with the vocals which turned out to have a sort of morbid ‘Pet Sounds’ vibe.  

“Lyrically, the song is a classic rumination on existential dread — the type you might have in the middle of the night after waking from a nightmare."

Biblical made a dent with their 2014 debut album Monsoon Season; a record Pitchfork described as a “climactic, Red Sea-parting surge of narcotic guitar noise,”

The group reportedly spent almost two years in the studio working on the new one, adding layer upon layer for full psychedelic effect.

Trivia note: Sewell is the son of a former popular Toronto mayor, John Sewell.

Expect tour dates to be announced shortly.

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