James Blonde
James Blonde

James Blonde: Don't Lock The Door

James Blonde - "Don’t Lock the Door,’ (Independent): The name is Blonde, James Blonde.

The Niagara Falls-based pop trio initially traded under the name XPrime, but has opted for this far cooler moniker and it works like a charm.

The group released its debut album this week, and this track is the lead single that deserves to unlock doors at radio with its frisky, upbeat sound featuring honeyed vocal harmonies and a production that sounds as if they have golden ears. The latter comes from Derek Hoffman (The Elwins, Like Pacific), who recorded James Blonde at his Fox Sounds studios in Toronto. 

“Derek really dug into the songs. He added just enough elements for a big-production album yet maintained the essence of a three-piece band," bassist Neil Carson explains in the band bio.

As with the band's name, there is a decided Anglo accent to the sound that's suggestive of Franz Ferdinand here and on another album highlight, "Cynical."

Known for a high-energy live show, James Blonde launch the album tonight (Aug. 23) with a show at The Warehouse in St. Catharines, followed by a Drake Underground Toronto gig on Sept. 6. More Ontario dates are followed by a five-city western tour ending at The Blind Beggar in Calgary on Oct. 20.

Michael Greggs is managing, with Eric Alper handling press.

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