Yangaroo DMDS VP Adam Hunt
Yangaroo DMDS VP Adam Hunt

New Authenticated Tracking Service Targets Indie Musicians

For years the indie music scene has been without accurate tracking data for songs that are getting played on radio and TV, but that’s all changed now.

Yangaroo’s Digital Music Delivery System (DMDS) has launched a new service that integrates with Nielsen’s BDS Radio, giving trackers, artists, and small labels an affordable pay-as-you-go package to track songs on radio and TV in Canada and the US.

The new service is on offer at a very reasonable price point of $75 per track/video per 8-week period.

This package provides all the intel that the major labels have at their disposal and greatly helps to level the playing field for small operators.

The current week and historical data include:

  • Station

  • Country (CAN or US)

  • Market

  • Market Rank

  • Format

  • First Spin

  • Total Spins

  • Total Listeners

These reports are available from the Reports section within the DMDS account and also emailed on a weekly basis.

The 8-week reporting period can be purchased for previously released tracks/videos or extended/re-started at any time.

To find out more, contact Adam Hunt, the Sales VP at Yangaroo/DMDS: adam.hunt@yangaroo.com

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