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The Weather Station: Thirty

The Weather Station - “Thirty” (Outside Music): This is the nom-de-plume of Toronto folk-rock songstress Tamara Lindeman, and she will release her self-titled new album (her fourth) on Oct. 6.

It is perhaps telling that the media outlets selected for pull quotes for her new album are high-profile American ones (The New Yorker, Pitchfork) rather than Canadian. She does seem to have been under-appreciated here, but a talent this luminous will inevitably win out.

"Thirty" is the album's lead single, On it, Lindeman's pristinely pure voice delivers the lyrics with some pace, augmented with fluid and crisp guitar work. 

A reference point vocally would be early Joni Mitchell, and her perceptive words catch the ear. In this song she declares, "I noticed fuckin' everything" and then describes it all with a poetic precision.

The stark accompanying self-directed video features Lindeman performing solo in front of a group of seemingly unimpressed men. She tells The Fader that "the song is in part about feeling loved and rejected at the same time." The analogy she uses is of "being under the male gaze — and also being on television, so we staged a fake television show, with a male audience …"

The Weather Station plays seven European shows beginning Oct. 20, followed by a 15-city North American tour starting in LA on Nov. 1 that includes Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax and Sackville.

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