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Media Beat: August 28, 2017

Red signs off

Be there or be square. Those words were west-coast radio legend Red Robinson’s invitation to hear his last broadcast on CISL-AM in Vancouver Sunday afternoon. A constant in the spotlight for the past 61 years, Red’s guests on the final show were longtime colleagues Pat O’Day, Wink Martindale and Bruce Allen. Patrick Johnston at the Vancouver Sun has the story and a video of Red reminiscing about his encounters with Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Nat King Cole, and Chuck Berry.

And here’s an overview of Red’s six-decade career.

Dick Smyth sounds off

The bean counters besieging broadcasters have struck again.

They’ve found yet another way to cut costs.

Get rid of the news anchors!

Why pay big bucks to somebody like Peter Mansbridge or Gord Martineau.

They’ve started already at CITY-TV in Toronto. There is no anchor, just an endless stream of less costly and less experienced reporters, one after another.

Sort of like a baseball game without innings or an umpire!

Only slightly less short sighted is Global TV’s approach. Local newscasts in Halifax or Winnipeg are anchored in Toronto, with deceptive graphics to create the impression otherwise. Local weather is done from Toronto.

There is a fundamental issue here. How can a news organization be credible if it lies and misleads about its own basics?

The news anchor --- whether national or local --- is an important figure. They become the face of the news. They often are involved in the community. They are mentors to young journalists. And they serve to organize, sort out and explain the often-confusing torrent of news items.

Eliminating the anchor from a newscast….

It’s like eliminating the chef from the kitchen. — First published in WarrensNetwork

Anticipated CRTC releases this week

Broadcasting Decisions:

Application by Quebecor Media Inc., on behalf of Videotron Ltd. and 9227-2590 Quebec Inc., partners in a general partnership carrying on business as Videotron G.P., to be relieved from the requirement to distribute ICI (International Channel/Canal International) as part of the basic service of its terrestrial broadcasting distribution undertakings in Montréal, Montréal-Ouest and Terrebonne

Application by Shaw Communications Inc., on behalf of Shaw Cablesystems Limited, Shaw Cablesystems (VCI) Limited and Star Choice Television Network Inc., to be relieved from the requirement to distribute the signals of OMNI television stations as part of the basic service of its licensed and exempt terrestrial broadcasting distribution undertakings (BDUs) in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, and of its direct-to-home satellite BDU Shaw Direct for the region of Southern Ontario

Broadcasting Regulatory Policy:

Revised exemption order for terrestrial broadcasting distribution undertakings serving fewer than 20,000 subscribers



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