Bryan at the Hollywood Bowl
Bryan at the Hollywood Bowl

Bryan Ferry Fans Outed In Lefsetz Column

Bob Lefsetz recently swooned over a concert by the Brit crooner and former Roxy Music frontman Bryan Ferry at the Hollywood Forum, and his rapturous praise drew some strong applause from readers that include consultant and NMC Chair Rob Braide, Breakthrough Management media consulting partner John Parikhal and Cadence Music Group President & CEO Iain Taylor. We've included these in today's column.

Chom Fm in Montréal played a huge amount of Ferry. My co-music director, Bobby Gale, had a thing for Brian. Ferry's bass player, Busta Cherry Jones moved here and became one of the stalwarts of a very cool night club called Nuit Magique in Old Montréal.   I'd go there after finishing my 10:00 to 2:00 on air shift. Pagliaro, Nanette Workman (who backed up The Stones vocally) and many musical visitors to town would be there all night. Bowie, Murray Head, Chris de Burgh, Stones, Genesis, Floyd, etc...

We were all New Romantics and Brian's music informed the sound of a post disco Montréal vibe which was watched by the planet.

— Rob Braide


I saw him at The Beacon a couple of years ago and had the same sensation you did.

Transcendent experience. He blew me away.

And, I think I had played Avalon at least a thousand times over the years.

Thanks for bringing it all back.

— John Parikhal


Bob - Bryan Ferry has been one of the more unique touring artists from the mid - '80's onwards.  He never stops working, always releasing albums and touring, and (almost) always it is well worth one's attention.  And what makes it unique is that he treats his early Roxy Music output with as much enthusiasm as any current material he's promoting.  Imagine Bowie honouring Hunky Dory and Man Who Sold the World every time he went out.  Or, U2 focusing a major part of their show on the first three albums etc.  And not only does he do this well, but he also does it constantly, without fanfare, in perfect form and without a whiff of Vegas style nostalgia.  A classic example of an artist devoted to working his craft.

— Iain Taylor


"Like A Hurricane" performed in Lyon In May of this year

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