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Media Beat: August 30, 2017

The CRTC has mandated a code of conduct for cable and satellite providers in offering promotional incentives, advance notification on rate increases and bafflegab free info about their services and fee structures.

SOCAN has commented on the Copyright Board’s ambiguous decision on the “making available” right that was deliberated on for three years. For background on the right, IP lawyer Barry Sookman sheds light.

Heritage Canada’s website reports that arts, culture and heritage represent $54.6B in the Canadian economy and more than 630,000 jobs in sectors such as film and video, broadcasting, music, publishing, archives, performing arts, heritage institutions, festivals and celebrations.

— Digital platform security company Irdeto reported to Forbes that close to 4M people illegally watched the Lloyd Mayweather/Conor McGregor fight on social media channels and streaming sites. The fight was shown live on Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and Twitch. Several ads for the illegal streams were placed on sites like Alibaba, eBay and Amazon.

Ford and Domino's are teaming up to test how consumers react if a driverless car delivers their pizzas in the US. The car, which can drive itself but will have a backup driver, lets customers tap in a code and retrieve their pizza from a warming space in the back seat.

— The latest iteration of Star Trek is Discovery and it’s being shot at Pinewood Studios in Toronto. According to Variety, the set for a Klingon starship alone cost $3M.

DAZN, an Asian-Pacific video streaming service sometimes called the Netflix of Sports, recently paid US$1.93B for exclusive domestic rights to carry Japan Professional Football League matches for the next 10 years.

Best Buy and Amazon are moving to hire an army of traveling salespeople and technicians who will visit customers’ homes to recommend and even install products.

Merlin, the global digital rights agency for the independent label sector, has announced reaching a milepost of US$1B in rights payments distributed to member labels since its launch in 2008. In June 2017, Merlin announced 2015-2016 distributions to members of $353M - up 52% from 2014-2015.

Doug Thompson writes us:


When I created the "Hi Fi Salutes" series of television profiles for High Fidelity HDTV (now Blue Ant Media), I made sure that Red Robinson was one of those profiles.  Red was on the air several years before CHUM went 24-hour Hit Parade radio.  So my crew and I flew out to Vancouver and filmed Red, Chad Allan and Jurgen Peters of The Haunted.

Jurgen's gone now.  Chad is in the hospital with a stroke, and Red aired his last show on CISL.

These are all legends whose memory we must cherish.  Today, many heroes are disposable.  Here today and gone the next. 

Here is a cut down version of my Hi Fi Salutes profile on Red.  

Happy trails my friend.


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