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Media Beat: September 01, 2017

Here’s what the OD and cable channels won and lost

The Commission has released individual statistical and financial data compiled from an annual survey provided by discretionary and on-demand services for the broadcast year ended August 31, 2016.  

It’s a bulky document to wade through, but highlights as follows:

CMT revenue is up 8% over last year, to $21.5M, and profit doubled from $3M to $6M.

AUX posted a 13% decline in revenue, from $1M to $884K.

Former Much digital channels (Loud, Vibe etc.) are missing from the report because they're so small now they're unlicenced and exempt from reporting.

M3 revenue was down 15.5% to $16.2M, and booked a $12.7M pre-tax loss.

MusiquePlus revenue is up 10%, from $14.2M to $15.7M.

Max revenue is up 6%, from $10.2M to $10.8M, but booked a $1.6M loss.

Rogers on Demand posted a 22% decline in revenue, from $47.2M to 36.4M, with a negative 17.4% pre-tax margin.

Shaw on Demand posted an 11.3% decline in revenue, from $62M to 55.5M, generating a negative $657M pre-tax loss.

Bell on Demand and Vu posted an 8.6% increase in revenue to $33.8M, almost doubling its pre-tax profit to $10M.

W Network posted a 2.49% decline in revenue, from $79.8M to $77.8M, spinning off a pre-tax profit of $49.1M.

CBC News Network posted a modest 1.5% decline in revenue, to $86.7M, but posted a pre-tax loss of $1.4M.

CTV News Channel posted a 9.43% increase in revenue, to $29M, earning it a $17M pre-tax profit.

Sportsnet 360 (formerly The Score), posted a 1.9% decline in revenue, to $34M, but turned a $1.8M pre-taxed profit.

Sportsnet (formerly Rogers Sportsnet) posted a 48.3% gain in revenue, to $545M, spinning off $93.6 in pre-tax profit.

Sportsnet PPV posted a 14% decline in revenue, to $17.1M, earning it a $4.8M pre-tax loss.

The full report is available online here.

CRTC puts cable firms on a tight leash

Disgruntled subscribers and cord-cutters have given the CRTC a license to handcuff operates with a one-two punch. First, the regulator is bringing in a best-practices code they are expected to abide by, and the kicker is the CRTC has also announced it's renewing most TV providers' broadcast licences for a one year term rather than the typical seven so as to keep a fatherly watch over them.

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