Lighthouse with Skip on drums
Lighthouse with Skip on drums

Various Remembering Skip Prokop

Ed Preston

WOW, you can imagine the excitement in our RCA offices when we found out Lighthouse had signed with us.    
We were already blown away by their appearance at the Rockpile and I, as a fan of many drummers was greatly impressed by the contribution  Skip gave the band.    
Often used phrase "The “Driving Force in Canadian Rock”,  Skip’s style was more.  It was exciting and inventive. 
It was there and out Front.  We were all so fortunate to experience this character and his tremendous contribution to our wonderful world of Music.         RIP        

David Marsden

Canada has lost one of its greatest musicians. Legendary “Skip” Prokop has died at the age of 74. The Hamilton, Ontario native was a driving force in Canada’s rock music surge with ‘The Paupers’ in 1969 but is best known for his drumming and co-founding ‘Lighthouse’ with Paul Hoffert. He also went on to a radio career in the GTA in the 2000’s. There are very few details on the circumstances of his passing at this time.

Bernie Finkelstein

Very sad to hear of Skip Prokop's passing. He and the Paupers gave me my first break in the music business back in 1965 when they asked me to manage them. I never looked back from that moment and I owe Skip and the rest of the band a lot. Recently I had been in touch with Skip and I know he was working on a book. He had asked me if I would like to write the "forward" which I readily said that I would. I considered it a great honour to be asked to that by Skip. I never did get to see or read the book and I'm not sure what shape it was in, or even if he still wanted me to do it. With that being said it always warmed my heart when Skip went on from the Paupers to have such international success with Lighthouse. Skip was one of the great drummers of our time and one the most original artists that I ever had the pleasure to work with. I will miss him. RIP Skip.

Myles Goodwyn

Canada has lost one of its greatest musicians.

Nick Jennings

Saddened to learn of Skip Prokop's passing. Skip was a true pioneer of Canadian music, first with the Paupers then Lighthouse. Both bands were a big deal to me growing up. The Paupers were the first local band whose music made me proud to come from Toronto--the tribal rock beat of "Magic People" and "Think I Care" was all Skip's doing and illustrated his inventiveness as a drummer. Later, while living in Australia during my late teens, Lighthouse kept my homesickness at bay--Skip's drumming on songs like "Sunny Days" and "One Fine Morning" always boosted my spirits. Fast forward a couple of decades and his stories became an integral part of my book Before the Gold Rush and the documentary Shakin' All Over and I'm grateful he shared them with me. Rest in peace, Skip. Your beats will live on.

Lisa Hartt

One Fine Morning! Still the best summer song I know!

Bob Bryden

The Paupers were one of the greatest Canadian bands ever. Their 'Magic People' album is truly timeless. Among their many innovations, when the bass player and lead guitarist would periodically play drum sets along with drummer Skip Prokop, it constituted a stunning musical and visual outburst. Skip went on to form the more well known 'big band', Lighthouse. I am truly saddened to hear of his passing today.

Larry Wood

I'm a retired, wizened former street cop of longstanding but don't mind admitting that these great tunes from the Yorkville era bring tears to the eyes. The first time I saw the Paupers play there was at the 'El Patio'.

Martin Melhuish

Absolutely gutted to hear of the passing of Hamilton, Ontario-born drummer, vocalist, broadcaster and activist on behalf of Canada’s music community Skip Prokop (The Paupers: Lighthouse; Peter, Paul and Mary; The Live Adventures of Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper; Mercy Train etc.). My condolences to all those who held him dear... and there are many within and without the music community, including author Jaimie Vernon who had been working with Skip on his memoirs. On hearing the news, my mind immediately flashed back to first experiencing Skip’s extraordinary talent as a percussionist with The Paupers at the El Patio and The Flick in Toronto’s Yorkville Village. Seeing Skip and that band was such an inspirational moment for a young high school kid with musical aspirations in from the burbs to soak in the neon night life and the soundtrack of the big city. This was one of my first experiences seeing music live in such an intimate setting and my mind was blown. These were the magic people and I wanted to be one of them.

Greg Godovitz

This one really hurts. I've known Skip since the Yorkville days with the Paupers. I'll forever remember him taking me to his house after a Lighthouse/Fludd gig and proudly playing me the acetate of One Fine Morning. A music icon and a wonderful man.

Dave Charles

Thanks to Steve Garrison in London for this link on Skip Prokop's passing.
Lighthouse was one of Canada's most dynamic bands. Their shows were amazing. The musicianship second to none. Skip and Paul kept evolving the Lighthouse sound over the years. R.I.P. my friend.

Jamie Vernon

For those that have been messaging me, the news is true. After a very lengthy battle with his heart and other issues related to his heart failing Skip Prokop passed at 3 PM today in London, Ontario with his family by his side. I have spoken with his son, Jamie, and they are currently making arrangements for a celebration of Skip's amazing life.

Jamie also added a quote from Skip:

"I offer my greatest thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ for saving my life more times than I think I deserved and for blessing me with the gift of music and for giving me the platform to display His goodness and unending love through every musical note. I am by no means a perfect man. I am made of hard edges and have weathered many storms in my life, but He has been gracious enough to remind me that He is what keeps those edges soft and calms even the most ferocious of storms."
  Ronn "Skip" Prokop

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