L-R: Rob and Peter Johnson. Low Sun on a warmer day
L-R: Rob and Peter Johnson. Low Sun on a warmer day

Reservoir of Impermanent Bliss (recorded while freezing to death)

Brit-based brothers Peter and Rob Johnson found an ally in Joucous, an Ontario resident with a cottage outside of Smiths Falls. Whether it was naivete or appreciation for getting lean and tight, this was the venue they chose to record their album. The fact that it was so cold you could almost snap your breath wasn’t lost on them.

Below the  Low Sun brothers explain the inhospitable conditions encountered making Reservoir of Impermanent Bliss. The result has its release tomorrow (Saturday) on the woodshed Toronto label, Art of the Uncarved Block. In true indie fashion, the initial release is a 100-batch cassette run.

What makes the media release sent out (below) so much fun to read is it is 100-percent free of BS.

Nowhere does it use commonplace hyperbole such as ‘dropped,’ ‘iconic,’ ‘hugely anticipated,’ truly stunning,’ ‘incredible,’ ‘gorgeous,’ ‘sultry,’ or ‘reimagined.’

This reason alone earns it five stars in our book. The teaser track belies the conditions faced in the recording process. Yeah, it’s hand-hewn retro-rock, but also salted with an age of folk-rock genius.

Reservoir of Impermanent Bliss (recorded while freezing to death)

Our friend/collaborator/label-mate Joucous has a family cottage in Smiths Falls, ON, so we decided to head up there since it was late winter and no one would be on the lake.

It was supposed to be a relaxing and poetic sort of experience, but it turned out to be one of the worst cold-snaps of the winter. We spent three days trying to keep the tape recorder warm enough so it wouldn’t break and ate frozen food since we couldn’t turn on the oven or microwave or else the breakers would go and our heaters would turn off. Essentially we were trapped in a single room without running water or warmth until we finished the thing.

On the final day of recording a snow storm pulled in, so we had to finish the last tracks as fast as possible before getting trapped at the house for another night without food or water. We were watching the snow pile up faster and faster while we tried to wrap stuff up. Time was of the essence, to say the least. We were more concerned with surviving than recording at the time, but I think the songs came out well. At night you could hear the ice breaking on the lake and it sounded like the earth was opening up...

It is amidst the mundane and familiar moments where light seems eager to seep in and startle you from a spiritual pause. The finest way to pass the time is to transcend it; to stumble drunkenly upon a fervent richness.

These are reservoirs of impermanent bliss.

Cradle them tightly. Care for them as you would your child; as you would a smouldering ember between fires…

The final result of our efforts can be pre-ordered, here.
We would love to have you come to a show in Canada or Europe. And as always we appreciate you listening and sharing,

Low Sun

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Tour Dates

Sept 9th- Toronto, ON @ The Burdock

Sept 22nd- Toronto, ON @ The Smiling Buddha 

Oct  5th - Olomouc, CZ

Oct 6th - Orlova, CZ

Oct 7th - Piensk, PL

Oct 8th -   Decin, CZ

Oct 9th - Dresden, DE

Oct 10th - Leipzig, DE (booked)

Oct 13th -  Riga, Latvia

Oct 14th - Helsinki, Finland

Oct 15th -  Tallinn, Estonia

Oct 16th -  Kaunus, Lithuania

Oct 17th - Warsaw, PL

Oct 18th- Krakow, PL

Oct 21st - Brno, CZ

Oct 22nd - Prague, CZ  

Oct 26th - Yokohama @ BB Street

Oct 27th - Shimokitazawa (Tokyo) @ Rokudemonaiyoru

Oct 28th - Sangenchaya (Tokyo) @ HevensDoor

Oct 29th - Osaka @ environment 0g
Oct 30th - Kyoto @ GROWLY

Oct 31st - Nagoya @ Rock and Roll Club

Nov 1st - Tokyo @ Kichijyouji Warp

Nov 3nd - Hong Kong @ The Wanch

Nov 4th - Hong Kong @ Secret Location

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