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Ivory Hours: Shadow Kids

Ivory Hours - “Shadow Kids" (Independent): This Toronto modern rock band released their sophomore album Dreamworld   a couple of months ago, and it is gradually gaining traction, just breaking into the campus radio Top 50 last week.

Look for momentum to increase with the release of a striking new video for the album's lead single, "Shadow Kids."

Describing the theme of the song in a press release, Ivory Hours frontman Luke Roes states, “Our society has come a long way in providing equal rights for women, but some of that success has been superficial. Shadow Kids is about identifying the less visible aspects of sexism, and gaining the confidence to rise above them. We still indirectly condition young girls with homemaking toys and statements like ‘take it like a man’, while using femininity as a derogatory term. "

Roes has a virile voice, and the track features layered vocals and enough musical ebb and flow to keep things interesting. The song's message of empowerment is delivered via such declarations as "we've turned our words into weapons."

Formed by Roes in 2012, Ivory Hours released their full-length debut, Morning Light, in 2015. Clearly a band to watch, they recently made their way into the Top 10 for the prestigious Allan Slaight Juno Master Class program.

Ivory Hours begin a cross-country tour at Rum Runners in London on Sept. 14, closing out at Copper Owl in Victoria on Oct. 15. A full itinerary here

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