Corey Lerue in studio with Neon Dreams singer Frank Kadillac
Corey Lerue in studio with Neon Dreams singer Frank Kadillac

Neon Dreams Imprint Links With Warner For New EP

Halifax trio Neon Dreams has partnered with Warner Music Canada for the release of its new EP Wolf, Princess & Me that comes out on the band's imprint Dreaming Out Loud Records, on September 22.

WMC President Steve Kane tells FYI that at a meeting earlier this summer,  the band and manager Daryl Flood "not only laid out their plans for Neon Dreams as artists/producers/mixers but also the idea of developing other young artists under the Dreaming Out Loud umbrella.

"This intrigued me, and so rather than a direct artist signing of Neon Dreams, I saw an opportunity to partner up with a fresh new voice and a fresh set of entrepreneurs with Daryl, the band, and (producer) Corey Lerue."

Lerue, a Halifax-based producer and songwriter, heads Dreaming Out Loud. As a DJ, he was a member of Neon Dreams until early this year when he left to concentrate on studio work. He continues to write with and produce the band, which now comprises Frank Kadillac (vocals), Matt Gats (guitar), and Adrian Morris (drums).

Lerue explains that "Neon Dream is the label's primary focus. We got a gold record [the hit single 'Marching Bands'] independently, but we are now getting a bigger push through Warner at exactly the right point in the project. We'll commit as much time as possible to ensuring Neon Dreams takes off, and that's when we'll open up to working with other artists."

Kane calls the deal "an enhanced P and D arrangement, but even from the early days, it is feeling more like a partnership. We can help with synch opportunities and help develop the whole roll-out and set-up plan. We will talk to them about some remixes for some of our other domestic artists. That is the kind of partnership we enjoy going forward with, and it's an attractive model."

He's also excited about the commercial potential of Neon Dreams' eclectic sound. "This is a band that can write hooky commercial songs that get on the radio, but there is more to their sound as well; it is witty and contemporary. I'm a big fan of smart contemporary pop that gets people to move their ass as well. That is the Holy Grail!"

Neon Dreams continues to gig extensively across Canada. Tour dates here

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