Singer Lido Pimienta Offers A Salty Thanks To Polaris Viewers

Singer Lido Pimienta ripped into organizers of the Polaris Music Prize with an expletive-laden tirade over sound troubles with her performance as she accepted this year’s best album recognition.

“All of my … monitors were off; I could not hear myself when I was up here. I’m (expletive) pissed off. Thank you though, mother (expletive).”

Other salty salutations offered on stage Monday night at The Carlu in Toronto:

“You don’t have to be white, you don’t have to be skinny, blonde, sing in English or French, and you can stand by what you want to do — (and) what you want to say.”

“Perhaps the only thing I can say is I hope that the Aryan specimen who told me to go back to my own country two weeks after I arrived in London, Ontario, Canada is watching this.”



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