Command Sisters Photo: Merik Williams
Command Sisters Photo: Merik Williams

Command Sisters: Low Profile

Command Sisters - "Low Profile" (Independent): Alberta natives Charlotte and Sarah Command are now based in Toronto, and seem poised to up their profile considerably with this striking debut single, out today.

Co-written by the sisters and produced by New York's award-winning DJ duo The Disco Fries (Tiesto, Krewella), it shows that the pair has moved away from country music roots and into sophisticated modern pop terrain. Empathetic vocal harmonies, a bright production sound and catchy hooks combine to make this a genuine contender at radio.

A press release describes the track as "telling the story of a relationship that is on the 'down-low' but wanting more."

Charlotte Command explains that "'Low Profile' came to me very differently than all of my other songs. I was going through a very intense personal period in my life, and one night the melody and lyrics showed up in a dream. To me, it's perfect that 'Low Profile' is our first release from a project that took us from country to pop, from the farms of Alberta to the intense energy of New York where we recorded the song, and from child musicians to the young women living in Toronto that we are today."

The Command Sisters were recently chosen as ambassadors to meet Prince William and Princess Kate during the Royals visit to Canada.

The siblings previously collaborated with the Disco Fries on progressive dance banger ‘Earthquake,’ a 2015 hit that was featured on The Today Show and racked up 3 million Spotify streams. 

Samantha Pickard at Strut is handling the press.

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