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Media Beat: September 22, 2017

What Was Said

In many very knowledgeable and industry-experienced professional old white peoples' (mostly men's) opinions, this album (by a female POC) is not as good as an old white man's album, also he unfortunately passed away last year and was also one of the most famous people ever, also one time he was broke (Edited to add: it's also his birthday today what a coincidence)
- Even though many of them they have not heard the album, they know it can not be better than that one
- Even though a jury of other knowledgeable professionals decided that it was, it just isn't
- Some people can't even understand the words, because it is not in one of Canada's official languages
-Women should not swear in front of their children
-Hipsters are ruining everything

-Probably no one should get any awards ever anyway — Emma Jane on a Facebook thread, responding to a fiery comment about the Polaris Music Prize made by Richard Flohil

Much adds another vice to its new line-up

From a Bell Media handout:

“From foul-mouthed fourth graders and outrageous best friends to daily celebrity gossip, Much’s fall lineup has no shortage of entertainment. First, school is back in session when the profane kids of South Park return to Much with Season 21, Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET beginning tomorrow.


“Based on one of the Internet’s leading online entertainment news destinations, TMZ LIVE delivers a fresh and honest take on celebrities and their real lives with humour, youthful energy, and irreverence. The series goes where stars work, live, and play, taking viewers on a trip through a world where the reality is even more fascinating than the hype.”

And Saturdays at 2 pm the channel offers TMZ Weekends that offers a riveting recap of the week’s most scandalous and intriguing stories.

Facebook has made a deal with Congressional investigators to turn over roughly 3000 advertisements purchased by Kremlin-linked groups during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on Thursday that he plans to bring the company’s advertising tools to a “higher standard of transparency.”

— New York City-based comics Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson know how to hustle. In 2013 the abfab gals launched their “anti-slut-shaming” comedy podcast called Guys We F***ed and it has taken off like a bat out of hell. The self-proclaimed celebrity floozies have become so famous in fact that they have been able to extend it into a successful stage show that legged it across the border earlier this week to play at the 1200-seat Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto. Sportingly, the dramatization is marqueed, ‘Sorry About Last Night’.

— Canada’s jolly minister of culture popped a corker on a recent edition of Matt Galloway’s terrific top-ranking CBC Metro Morning show.

You can listen below, but if you are short on time, we’ll share the content (as we hear it) where Mel unwittingly clatters a headline from her exhaustively-researched, massively-expensive, soon-to-be-released CanCon manifesto.  

Herein she pops the proposition that Canada’s cultural creators must seek alliances with global platforms and expect short shrift hereafter for homegrown content designed to entertain whistle stop audiences once pandered to by such notables as Peter Gzowski and Canada’s man in black, Stompin’ Tom.

The future is tied to global enterprise, so it’s Amazon, Netflix and a stock exchange of big brands that will shape our destiny herein.

Of course, I may be off by a metered mile in my reading—but if one has been listening between the lines spoken by the honourable minister over the past 12 months, the inference has a ring of authenticity.



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