Beatrice Keeler
Beatrice Keeler

Beatrice Keeler: Keep Astray

Beatrice Keeler - "Keep Astray" (Productions Bros.) This bilingual singer/songwriter from Kingston first made a splash last year by reaching the semi-finals of La Voix, the star-making Quebec talent search.

She hopes to capitalize on that exposure when her debut album, Bygone, comes out on Friday. 

This first single highlights her potential as both a vocalist and writer. There's a sweet lilt to her voice, and there is just enough momentum to the tune to maintain your interest.

Describing the album in a press release, Keeler explains that "Bygone, by definition, is to feel like you belong to a different or previous time. The song selection of this album is exactly that for me because it's a collection of music spanning a number of years.”

"Keep Astray" actually dates back to  2011, and it was the first song she recalls playing after moving into her first Montreal apartment. Fortunately, it didn't go astray but was brought to new life in this version, which Keeler co-produced with Connor Seidel.

Keeler has an eclectic musical background, having played classical piano as a child, and been a part of punk and alt-rock bands as a teenager, before venturing into more mellow terrain. One of her musical influences is reportedly Laura Marling, an apt reference point.

The album's launch party in Montreal is set for Oct. 21 at Le Ministere.

Jason Schneider Media is handling press.

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