John Doyle On Rick Mercer

"...It would not be fair to blame (Rick) Mercer for being bland – he's been doing an 8 p.m. show on a conventional broadcaster, not a late-night show on which he's free to be ferocious.

"But the looming exit offers a clear opportunity for all Canadian broadcasters, if they have the guts. An opportunity to offer a platform for savage indignation, rage and fierce mockery. The country needs it.

"Earlier this year, while promoting a new book, Mary Walsh was asked about the difference between Canadian and American comedy, particularly in the context of the soaring attention that late-night comedy is getting. She cited the period under the Harper government when scientists were muzzled. "We kinda backed off," she said. "It was cowardly of us." But then, tellingly she questioned what impact all that American comedy is having. "Does what Colbert say make one iota of difference?" She asked rhetorically...."

Let Rick Mercer’s departure end cowardly comedy in Canada, John Doyle, the Globe & Mail

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